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Help your 1992 Mazda MPV idels great but starts missing upon exeleration?


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October 19, 2011 4:06PM

I would start by checking for a cracked or worn distributor cap. Check the spark plug wires and the plugs themselves.

What it sounds like right off the bat is that it's missing which leads me to believe it's a spark related issue. I would generally start by doing a visual inspection of the distributor system, pull the cap, look for obvious cracks or wear on the contact point for the Rotor.

I would then check all the spark plugs for oil or water on them. Generally though if it's the spark plugs themselves the issue would clear up after driving a few miles unless the build up on the plug was excessive.

If all that checks out then I would check to ensure spark is getting from the distributor to the ends of the plug wires. You can do this by pulling the wire off of the spark plug and holding it close to a grounded bolt on the vehicle. Be careful though if it arcs it will sting.

The other thing it could be is that your timing is off. Now generally the timing is computer controlled unless you have recently replaced or adjusted the timing. The timing is adjusted by loosing the two nuts on the distributor and rotating it. But I would not do that unless you have a Timing Light and know what you're doing. Timing can be difficult to set.

All the pertinent information should be on a sticker under the hood of the car. It should say what the spark plug gap and timing should be set at.