Henry Arms Co shotgun

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Henry Arms Co. was a name used on shotguns distributed by H&D Folsom c. 1900. It may have been manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Meriden, CT, or it may have been imported from a Belgian maker. No relation to the famous Henry Repeating Rifles which were the forerunners of the Winchester lever actions. Value is something less than $200 unless it is in like-new condition.

A single shot would bring less than $79. That's what a new utility single shot sells for. Even though yours may be old, there is no collector interest.

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Q: Henry Arms Co shotgun
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Where to purchase a stock for a Henry Arms Co dbl shotgun with outside hammers?


My Henry arms co double barrel 16 -20 ga shotgun serial no 24783 is stamped Henry arms co on both sides you have been told that crescent mfg'd these for Henry arms does anyone know anything about it?

its a shot gun with the serial no 24783 is stamped Henry arms co on both sides Henry Arms is not a listed Brand name used by Crescent Arms for their double shotguns. You may have a Belgian or Spanish import. Check the proof marks.

Where can you find the serial number on a mass arms co shotgun?

On the but

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Henry Arms Co double barrel shotgun with external hammers?

I have a Henry Arms double barrel shotgun and am trying to find information on it. I have heard that it might have been produced in the 1800's. Serial # 55578 Thank you for any information you can give me.

Did you ever hear of Eclipse Gun Co making a dbl barrel shotgun with hammers from Belgium laminated steel under Henry Arms Co?

Both HENRY ARMS CO and ECLIPSE GUN CO were tradenames used by the HD Folsom Co on shotguns imported before World War 1. Both brands were made by Henri Pieper in Belgium.

Who made the 12 gauge double barrel shotgun marked Hanover Arms Co?

Janssen Fils & Co if it has Belgian proofmarks or Crescent Fire Arms Co if it does not.

What is your shotgun single shot 12 gauge wolverine arms co barrel number 190578?

do you know when wolverine arms co produced this gun? do you know when wolverine arms co produced this gun?

How do you fix 12 gauge shotgun mass arms co?

You take it to a gunsmith

Who makes a replacement stock for a JStevens Arms Co shotgun?

What would a Columbia shotgun be worth today?

A "store brand" shotgun made by several different makers from 1891-1985. Some of them are W. H. Davenport Arms Co. 1891-1910, Henry Keidel & Co. Baltimore, Md. 1866-1978, Harrington & Richardson Arms Co 1872-1985Hopkins & Allen Arms Co. 1868-1898Without a better description no way to give you a real value. Broad range would be Hang it on a wall - 200

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Wolverine Arms Co Model 130708 single barrel shotgun?

It was manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms for the Fletcher Hardware Co.

What year was the Manhattan Arms Co 16 gauge shotgun serial A137960 made?

No published sn data for this shotgun.

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