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Remove the starter and the dust shield. Remove the four bolts (spaced every 90 degrees around the flywheel) and then the torque converter will be loose.

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Q: Hey I am replacing the engine in a 98 dodge ram 5.9L How do you disconnect the flywheel from the torque converter the flywheel is in the tranny housing by 2 inches and I cannot separate them?
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How do you replace a flywheel on a 1991 Toyota Celica?

Separate the engine/transmission; either pull the engine or transmission, whichever is easier for you. If it's an automatic, disconnect the torque converter from the flywheel. You can get to the bolts through the dust cover.After the engine/transmission are separated, if it's a standard, remove the pressure plate/clutch disk.pull the bolts that hold the flywheel and it should fall off in your hand.

How do you replace the exhaust manifold gasket?

Disconnect the frontand rear o2 sensor electrical connectors. Separate the catalytic converter from the flex-pipe. Remove the fasteners between the catalytic converter and the exhaust manifold. Disconnect the EGR tube from the catalytic converter. Remove band from the front of the catalytic that holds it to the bracket on the front of the engine block. Remove fasteners holding exhaust manifold to head.

How do you replace a flywheel on a 89 ford bronco II wautotrans?

Remove the inspection plate/dust cover from the bell housing. Disconnect the torque converter from the flex plate. Remove the drive shaft from the transmission. Separate the engine and transmission and support the transmission while you remove the flex plate. Replace the flex plate and put it all back together.

How do you separate engine and transmission on 2000 camaro?

You just take all the bolts out of the tranny that holds it to the engine, take the tranny cooler lines off the tranny, unhook the shifter cable and unbolt the torque converter from the flywheel and your good to go.

How do you install a new flywheel on 1998 Chevy cavalier?

Separate the tranny and engine...It's in there.

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