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Yes you could be pregnant or may simply have a viral tummy bug that's affecting your period. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

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Q: Hey im 19 and have been having cramps for two weeks now in my stomach n ive been eating a lot more n my periods 5 days late could i be pregnant very worried as also having to sleep during the day?
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What can be the problem if you have no periods and stomach cramps?


Is it normal to get cramps on abdomen and you think you are pregnant?

Normal is different for each person. Do you normally have stomach cramps? Usually pregnancy doesn't involve stomach cramps, just nausea.

Do you get cramps when your pregnant in lower stomach?

Yes, especially in early pregnancy

When you first become pregnant can you get stomach cramps?

Yes it is perfectly normal, even for the cramps to resemble period pains.

What does stomach cramps and frequent urinating mean?

Your probly pregnant see a doctor

What is the very common symptoms of a pregnant women?

Stomach cramps and a lot of pain

Could you be pregnant if you have a lot of belching and stomach cramps and you are two days late?

You could be pregnant yes. Do a test.

Am having cramps below your stomach 10 days before your periods what is it?

That is probably PMS. PMS is premenstrual syndrome. This can cause irritability and cramps ect.

If i feel dizzy one day have stomach cramps the next could you be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if you sex for 2weeks after your period and you have sore breast and stomach cramps?


Does your stomach hurt the first few weeks when your pregnant?

when i found out i was pregnant i was about 6 weeks nd i had alot of cramping in my lower abdomen they say when you are pregnant that you usually get pains or cramps in your stomach.

Are periods painful?

Yes, it involves stomach aches, stomach cramps, your back area hurting. I would recommend not being excited to get your period...

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