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Is stomach pain not cramps a sign of pregnancy?

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Cramps are a sign of pregnancy, i was sure i was coming on my period i had all the cramps etc.. im now 5 months pregnant

2006-03-14 14:32:35
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Is bad stomach cramps and pain in the stomach a COMMON sign of pregnancy?

Bad pain or stomach cramps are not a common sign of pregnancy but can happen. This can be caused by a fallopian cyst or by a tubal pregnancy so it should be evaluated by your medical provider.

Is running stomach tiredness and stomach cramps a sign of pregnancy?

What does running stomach mean?

Is lower stomach cramps and white milky discharge a sign of pregnancy?


Stomach pain a sign of pregnancy?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are typical signs of pregnancy. Stomach pain can have many causes. If you have abdominal pain and a positive pregnancy test, call your health care provider today.

Is abdominal pain and stomach pain be signs of pregnancy?

No. It could be sign of infection or even PMS.

Are constant stomach aches and clear urine likely to be stress or pregnancy?

Urine colour is no indication of pregnancy hon. Stomach cramps can be a sign of pregnancy, diahrrhea, tummy bug, UTI or just wind.

Could menstrual like cramps be a sign of early pregnancy?

yes it could be a sign of pregnancy, it would be implantation cramps

Is mild diarrhoea with low stomach pain a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it can be. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Stomach cramps can be a symptom of what diseases?

If someone is suffering from stomach cramps, there are many things they could be suffering from. Some possibilities include food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrom, and lactose intolerance. Women should note that stomach cramps are a possible early sign of pregnancy.

Is lower stomach pain and stomach is hard this sign of pregnancy?

The lower stomach pain might indicate that you are going to be due your period. The ''stomach going hard'' however may not be a sign of pregnancy - It does also depends on how long ago you had sexual intercourse and you may feel your stomach has grown. It begins to show after A month or Two.

Is Back ache and cramping is this pregnancy?

I had lower back pain JUST like I was about to come on my period and also loads of stomach cramps which is also another sign of my period...lucky me! well, I thought nothin of it and kept waiting to come on then I took two tests and now I am 5 weeks. Shows that period cramps and pregnancy cramps can feel the same.

Is it a sign of pregnancy or PMS if you get cramps a week before your period is due?

definatly sign of pms ____ You CAN and SHOULD never say it is definitely a sign of this or that since it may be a sign of other things,like pregnancy,stomach upset etc,....

Are bleeding and cramps early pregnancy sign?

No They are not signs of pregnancy.

Is lower stomach pain a sign of pregnancy?

no may be it might be something wrong with you stomach it matter if you are sick ask you doctor

You have back pain your stomach feels bloated what does this mean?

Could be an early sign of pregnancy, or PMS

Is constipation and cramps a sign of pregnancy?

YES! I had awful stomach cramps, I was very worried and then i found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and STILL conctipated so both are sure signs of pregnancy

Are abdominal cramps a sign of pregnancy?

Yes they are.

Is a period without cramps a sign of pregnancy?


Are cramps an early sign of pregnancy?


Are leg Cramps pin like needle pain in stomach and frequent urination and lower back pain also excess of saliva and visible veins on Breast and other parts of the body sign of Pregnancy?

I have never heard of leg cramps or needle pain as a symptom but definitely frequent urination, lower back pain, excess saliva, breast tenderness, darker veins and cramping.

Does cramps in the belly a sign of pregnancy?

i have no idea maybe no,because cramps are for menstruation only.

Are lower back cramps a sign of pregnancy?


Are cramps a normal sign of pregnancy when you are six weeks?


Are headaches constipation and cramps a sign of pregnancy?


Is a constant stomach ache an early symptom of pregnancy?

A cramping stomach ache is a sign of pregnancy. But a constant, very bad pain may be something else and should be see by your doctor.