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Q: Hi you are a 27 yrs old you want to adopt your partner's 2 yrs old son can you adopt him even tough you are an illegal immigrant you live in CA can it be possible?
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Is it legal to adopt a us citizen if you are an illegal immigrant?


Can a us citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in IL?


Can a US citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in New Mexico?

No. An adult cannot adopt another adult.

Is it possible to adopt an illegal alien?

NO because aliens are fake and they are illegal.

Can an underage illegal immigrant become legal by being adopted by a US citizen?

if you can actually adopt him yea

How do you adopt an immigrant minor if their parents have abandoned them in the US?

Not legally possible, but would be a beautiful thing if it could happen.

Can immigrants adopt a us citizen child?

Yes, an immigrant can adopt a US child. However, it is uncommon. Most of the time, US natives adopt an immigrant child.

How do you adopt your wifes child if the biological father is not a us citizen?

The biological father have to give up his parental rights or this will not be possible. If he is an illegal immigrant he can still have paternal rights in the US. Once his rights are terminated you can apply for adoption.

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in new jerseye?

The citizen CAN adopt the illegal, but that adoption CANNOT be used to make the adoptee LEGAL. Only when the adoption is completed BEFORE the adoptee turns 16 years old will the adoptee be able to receive any immigration benefit.

Can you adopt an immigrant without a green card?

Yes. According to, it is possible, but difficult, and can only happen under very specific circumstances:The person would have to be a child.The child would have to live with you, in your legal custody, for two years before you file the visa petition.You would most likely have to be a U.S. citizen.The process is complicated and will probably require an immigration attorney.(see

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal?

Dude No

Can an illegal immigrant living in the US adopt a child even a child from his own country?

With all of the red tape and paperwork you will need to go through, it is not likely, especially if you plan to adopt from outside the US. Odds are you'll end up being deported yourself.

Can you adopt an illegal alien?

Yes, you can adopt an illegal alien. The parents of the child have to give up all parental rights over the child.

Can illegal adopt in the us?

No. You have to provide proof of citizenship, since an illegal cannot effectively produce this. They would not be able to adopt and would get deported. =] I wish more illegals would try to adopt! =]

Can an US citizen marry an illegal person and adopt her illegal child in Massachusetts?


Can an illegal US citizen adopt?

If you're illegal you're not a citizen -- not hard really

If married to an immigrant whom is waiting on her green card is it possible to adopt her illagitament son?

Yes ==but there isa more money in not adopting the kid. I would think it over. STATED BY AUTHOR

Why can you not adopt a new constitution in Texas?

You cant adopt it because when try to adopt something from Texas its illegal unless you wanna pay 2,000,000,000 dollars

Can you adopt a 30-year-old immigrant?

No. In the US adults regardless of their citizen status cannot be adopted. A legal immigrant can be sponsored by a US citizen for permanent residency and citizenship.

Can an illegal immigrant living in the U.S adopt a U.S ctizen?

his majesty the emperor of the united states says No. & it does not matter if the illegal US Govt. in operation says it is, in my book and in my court the answer is NO! vote for me as president on nov. 4 2008. heck with the well known media frenzy candidates they are all BILDERBERG PERSONAL.

Can you adopt children in Skyrim?

With the official DLC Hearthfire it becomes possible to adopt children.

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal 18 year old?


Where can one adopt a Saint Bernard puppy?

It should be possible for one to adopt a Saint Bernard puppy from a dog shelter. If you live in the United Kingdom it can be possible to adopt one from the RSPCA.

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal 18-year-old?

No. Illegal immigrants regardless of their age are not eligible for adoption. In most instances even a legal immigrant minor already within the US cannot be adopted unless his or her parents have had parental rights terminated or the minor has been declared an orphan, an asylee or a refugee.

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