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Highly reactive non metals?

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The highly reactive non-metals are in the halogen group. They just need one more electron to fill the octet. Therefore they are highly reactive. For example fluorine and chlorine. And the highly reactive metals are placed in the first group (alkali metals). For example Sodium and potassium.

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What family in the Periodic table contain the most reactive metals?

Alkali metals are most reactive metals. Halogen family comprises of highly reactive non-metals.

What is the activity of non metals?

Most non-metals are not highly reactive or an completely inert. However, the Halogens in Group 17 are reactive with nearly every substance on the planet.

Is magnesium highly reactive or non reactive?

Magnesium is one of the more reactive metals; it rarely exists in nature elementally.

Are all non metals non reactive?

No, nonmetals arent reactive because the non metals arent metals and they are gases!

Where are the most reactive non metals?

The most reactive non metals are Halogens which may combine most of the metals as well as non metals.

Reactive and non reactive metals?

reactive metals react with water and acids,but the non reactive doesnt. dude that isn't a proper answer

What elements are non-reactive non-metals?

Only the noble gases are considered non-reactive in general and none of them are classified as metals.

Are gold and platinum reactive metals?

Gold and platinum are less reactive metals but not absolutely non-reactive.

A list of non reactive metals?

The term non-reactive is not correct; less reactive metals are: platinum metals (Pt, Rh, Pd, Os, Ru, Ir) and gold.

Is gold a non reactive metal?

Gold is a less reactive metal but not non-reactive; all metals are reactive.

What are inert metals?

inert metals are metals that are non reactive

What are three non-reactive metals?

The term non-reactive is not correct; less reactive metals are: platinum metals (Pt, Rh, Pd, Os, Ru, Ir) and gold : )

What is high reactive non metal?

phospohorous is the highly reactive non metal.

Are non metals reactive?

Yes, all the metals are reactive but the differences in reactivity are very important.

What are the characteristics of halogens?

They are one electron away from being stable, are non-metals, and they are most reactive of the non-metals

What are some properties of group 17 on the periodic table?

Group 17 (the halogens) are all highly reactive non-metals.

Is plutonium highly reactive are non reactive?

Plutonium is a reactive chemical element.

What are the most reactive metals and nonmetals?

Group 1 elements or alkali metals are the most reactive metals Halogens or group 17 elements are the most reactive non metals

What is the most reactive group of non metals?

most reactive non metel group is halogens.

Why are atoms of metals and non metals reactive?

Atoms of all elements, except the noble gases, are reactive.

What family is the most reactive group of non metals in the periodic table?

Group-17 are most reactive non-metals. They form halogens.

What metals are non reactive?

All the metals are reactive but differences in reactivity of metals are important. Some less reactive metals are: platinum, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, ruthenium, gold.

How do non metals form bonds?

Non metals usually form covalent bonds with other non metals and ionic bonds with reactive metals.

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