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To assist with the Wedding Planning, I would like to help with this predicament. Although, traditionally, a wedding singer or band is hired to perform at the reception, an orchestra would provide a fabulous and distinguished touch to your wedding. There are things that must be considered, many of which would best to be discussed with both parties involved in the wedding.

These include:

Cost of the Orchestra - Estimated by, the average cost of an orchestra is between $50,000.00 to $80,000.00 per performance. If this is a bit outside of the wedding budget, an unusual alternative is to hire an orchestra from Western Europe. After the collapse of Communism in several countries such as Czech Republic, local government's could not afford to finance orchestras. These can be hired for a quoted price of $4,500 to $5,000 per event. A liaison would be needed.

Space of Location- An orchestra can range from 20 to over 80 individuals. Will the venue rented provide adequate space?

Theme of Wedding- Is the wedding classical or modern? The music must match and complement the theme of the wedding as well as the overall mood of the event.

Audience: Since the wedding is as much a family event, as it is a personal event, the amount of guests as well as guest list must be considered. Will there be a majority of children attending, will the guests prefer to dance?

Hopefully these points where of service! Congratulations!

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Q: Hire an orchestra
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