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History of Java language?

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Java 1.02: 250 classes. Slow with lots of bugs.

Java 1.1: 500 classes. A little faster. Friendlier, gaining popularity, and a better GUI code.

Java 2.0: 2300 classes. Much faster. Became the language of choice for new enterprise and mobile applications.

Java 5.0: 3500 classes. More powerful (Easier to develop). Changes to the language itself making it more easily understood as well as implemented features that were popular in other languages at the time.


There are more versions -- however my Java booklet was published in 2002.

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History of java script in high level programming language?


Is the java is procedural language?

Java is an Object Oriented language not a procedural language

Is java high machine language?

Java is not machine language. Java is considered a high-level language, at least as compared to machine language.

Does Visual Java plus plus and Java Builder is different from the Java language?

Yes!Visual Java plus plus and Java Builder is different from the Java language?

How java script is advance of java?

Usage of JavaScript is different from Java. Though both of them are interpreted language, Javascript is used as script language for client side programming in websites. There isn't much of a relation between java and javascript: if you go by history, the java prefix was added just to gain the royalty of Java. Both are different in syntax, semantics and usages.

What kind of language java is?

Java is a strict, object-oriented language.

What is java and java script?

Java is an object oriented language whereas Javascript is object base language.

Why you are preferring java?

java is platform independent language and open source. java is object oriented language.

Why you learn java language?

java language moreover solve the problems witch is encounter in c and c++ that s why we use the java language...

Is java high level language?

yes java is high level language

Which type of language is java?

Java is truly object oriented programming language

Why java is the name of programming language?

java is the name of programing language because,the invented person is sun java that's why it could be named as java

Is java a language?

Java is a computer programming language. Java is also the name of a Pacific island, and a slang word for coffee.

Is Java a low level programming language?

No, Java is a high-level programming language.

Is Java a Language or Package?

Java is a programming language. Packages (groups of related types under a common namespace) can be created with Java.

Is java a compiler or interpreter?

Java is a programming language.

What is the history of java woodcutter?

about woodcutter of java

Is java DBMS?

no, Java is not dbms.. Java is a programming language Dbms is database

What is the purpose of a Java compiler?

A Java compiler is a compiler for the Java programming language. A compiler translates programs written in the Java language and compiles them into bytecode class files.

In which software language java was developed?

The oriented programming language java was developed through a language that is initially called as Oak.

What is java programming language?

Java is an object oriented programming language that is syntactically similar to C++. It runs on the Java virtual machine, which allows it to function as a cross platform language.

Why name java language is named as java?

The Java Programming Language was originally named Oak because of an oak tree that stood outside one of the founders' office. It was then renamed to Green, and then renamed to Java because supposedly the creators of the Java Language consumed large amounts of Java coffee.

Is java compiled language or interpreted language?

Java is both a compiled language and an interpreted language.No, technically, Java is solely a compiled language. Java source code is ALWAYS compiled (via javac or similar program) down into a bytecode.The confusion may be that the Java bytecode is usually run on a Java Virtual Machine implementation, which both compiles the bytecodes to native machine code AND also runs as an interpreter for some java bytecode. The JVM is form of a system emulator, which is NOT specificly related to the Java language itself. That is, it is entirely possible to make a hardware machine (which has already been done) which runs Java bytecode natively, directly on the hardware.Do not confuse the Java language with Java bytecode.

What are java applications?

Applications that are built using the Java language are termed as Java applications.

What are java apps?

Java apps are the applications developed using the Java programming language.

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