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Hong Kong belongs to what nation?

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Hong Kong is part of the People's Republic of China since 1997. Before that, it used to be part of the United Kingdom, after the Second Opium war the Chinese empire 'leased' Hong Kong for 99 years to the UK. Although Hong Kong is part of the PRC, it still has a lot of autonomy, only defense and foreign affairs are controlled by the Central Government in Beijing.

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What nation does Hong Kong belong to?

Hong Kong is a part of the Republic of China

What is the national fruit of Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is not a nation. It is a city in China.

Which country Hong Kong belongs?


What is the tiny nation soon to belong to mainland China that is approximately 114 degrees East and 22 degrees North?

Hong Kong ____________________ 1) Hong Kong already belongs to China. 2) It is not and never was a country. It was a British colony.

What nation owns Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a 'special administrative area' of the Peoples Republic of China. Hong Kong was formerly a British colony until 1997.

Is Hong Kong in Asia?

Yes it is in Asia, it belongs to ChinaYes.

Is Hong Kong a rich or poor country?

hong kong belongs to china it sence china is a communist country it may be poor but sence theres a hong kong dollar it may be the richest part of china

What nation surrendered control of Hong Kong in 1997?


Which tiny nation is located approximately at 22 degrees north latitude and 114 degrees east longitude?

Hong Kong. In fact, Hong Kong is not a nation. It is just a territory of China.

Name a nation belong to mainland China that is approxamitly 144 East and 22 North?

According to geography experts, a nation that belongs to mainland China that is approximately 144 East and 22 North is Hong Kong.

Is Hong Kong listed Hong Kong China or just Hong Kong?

hong kong, china

Which nation controlled Hong Kong until 1997?

The United Kingdom

What tiny nation soon to belong to mainland China?

Hong Kong

What is the currency of Hong Kong?

Hong Kong DollarsThe Hong Kong Dollar or HKD.Hong Kong Dollars.

What continent is in Hong Kong in?

Hong Kong is a city in China, which is on the continent of Asia.

What nation was Hong Kong's prior owner?

Prior to 1997, Hong Kong came under the rule of the United Kingdom

What small island country is west of Hong Kong?

There is no island nation west of Hong Kong. To the east is Taiwan, an island nation if you are Taiwanese or American. If you are Chinese or a number of other nations, Taiwan is viewed as another part of China.

Which country is closest to Hong Kong besides China?

Apart from the People's Republic of China, the closest nation to Hong Kong is the Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan) to the east.

Can you use Sterling in Hong Kong?

No, Hong Kong has its own currency the Hong Kong Dollar.

What is Hong Kong Disneyland's address?

Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

What time is it in Hong Kong?

Please see this site which has the current time for Hong Kong:

What currency is used in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong uses its own currency, The Hong Kong Dollar. It is accepted all over Hong Kong, The New Territories and Macau.Hong Kong Dollars

What is the capitol of Hong-Kong?

there is no capital city for Hong Kong

Currency of hong kong?

Hong Kong is a city, and former British colony, in southeastern China.The Hong Kong dollar is the currency of Hong Kong.The International currency code is HKD.

Which nation had the greatest influence on the recent histories of Taiwan and hong kong and Tibet?