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The question begs another one or two before an answer can be given :- How is the digital image being viewed? - several possibilities exist :- 1)On the camera LCD display 2)On a computer monitor 3)On a TV set 4)As a print and if so printed by inkjet or laser printer 5)Some other mechanism - eg a standalone viewer into which the camera memory card is inserted Is the whole of the image being displayed or a "cropped" version ie only a part of the whole frame? Is the effect apparent in all tones of the picture or, say, only in the shadow/highlight areas?

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Q: Horizontal grainy lines on an image mean a digital camera is destroyed?
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If there are horizontal grainy lines on an image taken by a digital camera does it mean the camera has been destroyed?

If the lines are on the print, your printer heads need cleaning.

Given that the image is already visible on the screen on the back of my digital camera what is the sequence of events in the camera when you push the shutter?

When you push the shutter, all pixels of the camera become active and begin absorbing light while the shutter is open. This allows for high quality and non-grainy pictures. The live preview shown on cameras is only a very low quality preview for a small screen so you know what you are pointing the camera at.

What causes grainy webcam video?

Either the quality of the camera itself or the compression method used to transfer data.

Do computer digital cameras take clear prints?

It depends on which camera you use.If you have a netbook,the camera that is in the computer takes rather grainy photos.Apple computers have a program called Photo Booth that takes sharp,low resolution pictures.There are also separate cameras called webcams that are separately attached to the computer.Some have 5 megapixels and more and take sharper pictures.

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In digital photography, there are a number of features that are thrown into consumer-grade cameras as "selling points." These selling points add no value to the camera, but appear impressive. One of these features is digital zoom. Some cameras may boast an 800X digital zoom. However, the image at 800X is so grainy and indecipherable that you won't be able to make out what it is anyway. It's important to remember that the only important zoom is optical zoom. If you do end up using digital zoom, make sure to only go barely beyond the range of the optical zoom.

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If your ipad 2 is grainy or blurry you might want to try using it in the sun, its clearer.Still, for a device that costs a minimum of $500, it would be nice to have a better image sensor, rather than these bottom-of-the-barrel ones Apple insists on using.

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What are the advantages of using optical zoom?

If you use an optical zoom, you can take pictures without getting really close to things. An optical zoom is better than a digital zoom, because an optical zoom does not cause pictures to be pixely or grainy, and digital zooms often do.

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Is megapixel or zoom a more important feature on a digital camera?

Great question. However, you really can't have one without the other. High zoom without the picture density will leave you with grainy pictures. On the other hand, high megapixels though a good zoom will leave you with good macro pictures, anything else will require software manipulation. In the end- you have to determine what your use will be, and buy accordingly.

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A megapixel is one million pixels. A pixel is a picture element. Like graphics displayed on a television or computer monitor, digital photos are made from millions of tiny colored dots, or pixels. The more pixels used to produce a photo, the less "grainy" it will appear and the better any enlargements made from it will be. A 6-megapixel camera can produce standard 4 x 6 photos at a remarkable 500 pixels per inch and 8 x 10 photos at 273 ppi. A megapixel (MP) is 1 million pixels, and is a term used not only for the number of pixels in an image, but also to express the number of image sensor elements of digital cameras or the number of display elements of digital displays.

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