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The horn doesn't work

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Q: Horn won't work in 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan-Horn has sound and relay is good and fuse is good.?
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Dodge Dakota won't start and there is a clicking sound from the right side of the dash what could this be?

Check the fuel pump relay.

Why do the interior lights come on and go off on your 1997 dodge grand caravan also chimes sound?

If the interior lights come on and go of and chimes sound off f on a 1997 Dodge Caravan there could be a loose connection somewhere. This is a common condition with the Dodge Caravan series.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette accessory outlet in a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan?

There is a relay under the hood beside the battery you must check. Also there is a fuse box under the driver side panel, you may have to remove the sound dampener to access the fuse box. The labels will show you where the exact fuse and relays are.

What is causing a knocking-clicking sound on a Dodge Grand Caravan '96 when decelerating downhill?

Bad gas. Loose / worn lifters.

93 grand Cherokee Laredo wont start clicking noise from relay box when you turn key to start position Most of the clicking sound is coming from the fuel pump relay What is going on?

The Cherokee Laredo usually has an electromagnet in the relay box to close or open the circuit in the fuel pump relay. When it is faulty, it will make more attempts to click on or off and that repetitive process causes the annoying clicking sound.

Where is flasher relay located on my 02 dodge ram 1500 truck?

There isn't a flasher relay on a 2002 Ram 1500. The clicking sound comes from the instrument cluster, and the actual bulb flashing is powered by the computer on the under hood fuse box.

Why does your 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan make a loud popping sound when going over bumps braking accelerating?

check your swaybar links and bushings

Can't locate flasher-relay on my 02 1500 dodge ram truck?

There isn't a flasher relay on a 2002 Ram 1500. The clicking sound comes from the instrument cluster, and the actual bulb flashing is powered by the computer on the under hood fuse box.

Can you help i have a 2004 dodge ram wont start new battery all fuses good wont make a sound has all power wont do anything checked all relays need help?

have you checked the relay on the starter? and check the wire that runs from the started relay to the starter.

What mileage would struts need to be changed on a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE?

At least 100,000 miles. If you are worried about a cranking sound you are hearing, we had the same thing on our 05 Dodge Grand Caravan. It isn't the struts, the name of the part is "Bushing Sway Eli" according to our receipt of repair. It is a factory defect that is covered on your warrantee if you have one.

What is the buzzing sound that seems to come from the wheels and steering wheel in your Dodge Grand Caravan and the intensity changes when steering wheel is turned?

That sound is your power steering pump, if it gets worst than you should change it before it completely fails

What would cause a high pitch squeak sound in your dodge grand caravan when you go over the slightest bump?

It could be your fan shroud or radiator hose rubbing on the fan.

What does SE stand for on a grand caravan?

Special Edition = upgraded sound system, suspension, et. al. Depending upon the year the SE stands for standard edition example 2002 dodge grand caravan SE is the lowest version of the car.

Why is your 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan making a very loud scrubbing sound when you turn to the left at a very slow speed?

Check brake padsCheck CV joint

How do you check to see if the horns are working on a 1996 Plymouth grand voyager se?

I dont quite understand the question, but without trying to sound smart, just blow the horn, if its not working then could be the Horn Relay.

What is making a chirpysqueeky sound in the Air Conditioner in my 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Normally this is the drive belt. Inspect the drive belt, and replace if worn. A loose belt may also cause this noise.

Where is horn fuse for 1994 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

I cant find one but if the horn is just making a clicking sound then it's the relay and that is in the glove box just take out the little panel where the rope is attached and its in there.

1994 dodge spirit I turn key and I only hear a clicking sound the battery if fine and i just had the alternator replaced The engine doesn't even turn over all I get is a click sound?

A single click with no further spinning of the starter usually indicates a faulty starter relay/solenoid or a loose connection.

What can cause Right front tire rubbing clicking sound only when in motion on a 1998 dodge grand caravan?

I had the same thing on my 2002 caravan sport and I changed the caliper, rotor, and pads and no more clicking.

What to check if the horn doesn't work in my 2007 Chrysler minivan?

Start by checking the fuse panel for a blown horn fuse in the fusebox. If it is good, move on to the horn button and relay. The easy way to see if these are working properly, turn the key to "on." There is a horn relay, probably in the fuse box. Push the horn button and listen to the relay for a "clicking" sound. If there is a clicking sound when you push the button, these two should be ok. This should narrow the problem down to the horn itself. I have owned two dodge vehicles and have had to replace a horn on each of them and this was how I determined that it was the horn and not other circuitry.

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Is that clicking sound a relay fuse when you press on brakes?


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Where is the horn relay on the 2007 Tahoe?

The horn relay is located in the fuse box under the hood of the 2007 Chevy Tahoe. The horn relay is responsible for making the car horn have sound.

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