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How Change spark plug wire toro lawn mower?


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In order to change the spark plug wires in a Toro lawn mower, the engine housing should be removed. The spark plug wire will then be disconnected which is a simple twisting movement under pressure. This is a very quick procedure.

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A good lawn mower spark plug will have just a small amount of brown deposit. In addition, the gap will be very close.

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facing the lawn mower, the spark plug is on the bottom left of the engine.

Unhook the wire and use a spark plug socket of the right size.

The spark plug gap for a Murray 12 hp riding lawn mower should be set at .020 inches. This is equal to .5 mm.

NO, lawn mower spark plugs and a car's spark plug are different lengths, heat range and gap. Even if it fits the threads for the hole you run a high risk of causing major damage to the engine.

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A typical lawnmower has a one-cylinder engine, with one spark plug.

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When a lawn mower will not start by pulling the cord, it probably needs maintenance. Changing the spark plug often will fix the issue.

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The fuel/air mixture is compressed by the piston moving upwards, the spark plug ignites that mixture and causes an explosion which pushes the piston downward.

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