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first, tilt the wheel all the way up, you will find 2 torx screws under the column housing. remove the bottom half of housing. then you need a 4mm socket to remove 2 bolts from underneath- one on left side and one on the right. You will have to carefully, but forcefully remove the top part of the housing to remove it from the key cylinder. Then, if you are replacing the key cylinder, you will need to turn key to the "on" position, and look for the small hole on the top of cylinder. Use a small Allen wrench to press the tab inside the hole, and the key cylinder will slide right out. If you are replacing the electrical ignition switch, there is no need to remove key cylinder. You will need a #4 torx socket to remove the 2 small torx bolts from the black box directly under key cylinder. This is the box that has several large gauge wires going into it. Carefully remove the little pigtail with the brown and green wires running up to key cylinder. Then just follow harness under dash to where it is connected to block and attached with a 7mm nut holding the 2 plugs together. After removing nut, and unplugging harness, you will find that there is actually a long slim harness attached to each side of the ignition harness. You will have to carefully separate these to be able to attach to new ignition harness. Hope this helps

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Q: How Do you remove the ignition switch on a 1996 gmc sierra?
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