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you don't need to know this so just let it go and use Google.

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What is the Hawaii motto and nickname and why?

the nickname is the Aloha State

What is the nickname for the pineapple?


What is the state nickname of Hawaii?

Hawaii is nicknamed the Aloha State

Nickname of Hawaii?

The "Aloha State"

What is the nickname for Hawaii?

The Aloha State

What is the the nickname for the state of Hawaii?


Which state nickname is the aloha state?

The official nickname for Hawaii is the "Aloha State".

What is the state nickname for Hawaii?

The Rainbow State.

Hawaii state nickname?

The Aloha State

What is the nickname for the Island of Hawaii?

The Big Island

What state's nickname is the pineapple state?


What is Hawaii state nickname?

The Alhoa State

What is Hawaiis nicknames?

The nickname for Hawaii is your mama.

What is the nickname for university of Hawaii?

maka pola

Which state has the nickname aloha state?


How did Laura wilder got her nickname?

she got her nickname from her pa , her nickname was half pint and she got it when she was a little girl because she was so small

How did Massachusetts get its nickname?

Massachusetts got its nickname by having a lot of bays in the area and its a state, that's, how Massachusetts got its nickname.

Who was Hawaii got or bought from?

The Republic of Hawaii.

How does crash gets his nickname?

Crash got his nickname when he got his first football helmet

Hawaii five-0 nickname?


What is Aloha's nick name?

That is the nickname for the State of Hawaii

What does the Aloha State mean?

It is the nickname of the state of Hawaii.

What estate is nickname the aloha state?

The State of Hawaii

How did ayanna get its nickname?

ayanna got her nickname from her mama

Where did the nickname Danno come from on Hawaii 5-0?

In the original Hawaii 5-0 (1968-80) Danny grew up in Hawaii, went to the University of Hawaii, and Danno was his Hawaiian nickname. In the new Hawaii 5-0, Danny comes from New Jersey, and it is his daughter, Grace, who gives him the nickname Danno. The others use it to make Danny irritated, as would happen in any family group.

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