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I don't know what you mean because you must buy a tamagotchi V4 on the internet or at a store.


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There is no such thing as a BMW V4.

V4 or V5. I really like V4 better than V6. I prefer V4. V4 has the most to do besides V5.

machu pitchu mt. helena mt. tamagachi mt. lavaexplodi

Ferrari V4 goes 320 these bikes were made in Italy, Amir Glinka made this ferrari V4

v4 has advanced characters and tamatown

Tomodachi means friend in the Japanese language. Tamagachi is a digital pet toy.

Yes 2 tamagotchi v4 can mate, when adult.

While it could, Chrysler does not offer a V4 engine.

If you asking about the engine type, the 325i is a straight-six not a V4.

well, i downloaded it via a flash downloader. that way i can still play offline. i think i used gear flash downloader.

You probably have a 4 cylinder engine (A.K.A. the V4 Engine), V4 engines aren't very powerful, I previously had a V4 and I had the same problem.

there is no such thing as a V4. what kind of car? its prob a v6 or a 4 clynder

You have to go to connect button on the v4 select other and on the v3 select v1.

The first Mustang protoype in the early 60's was a 2 seater with a V4.

Yes but the V4 engine has not been widely used in cars.

Unfortunately, no. Each tamagotchi version can only connect with one of its own, so a V5 can only connect to a V5, and a V4 can only connect to another V4.

For V4 yes but for V5 you don't have to. Hope this helped

No. Correction from Teri Tama: Actually it can. I had a V4 and my friend had a V2 and they connected succesfully.

While it could have been, Jeep does not offer a V4.

yes go to

how do I change spark plugs on 2002 Toyota tacoma v4

keep connecting them together they hhave to be at least 4 years old on tamagotchi v4 on present they should ..

improved: yes all sorts of ways will leave you with to married tamagotchis (vs and v4)

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