How To Eat Cereal?

Step 1: Get a bowl and a spoon. A soup or rice bowl will suffice. As for a spoon, a tea spoon or soup spoon is ideal.

Step 2: Find your choice of cereal. It can be anything from Cheerios to Frosted Flakes.

Step 3: Open the box and the plastic wrap inside. The plastic wrap should be opened from the top, for optimum freshness and so it can be closed later.

Step 4: Pour cereal from the box into the bowl. How much you want to put in the bowl is up to you: half-way full or heaping.

Step 5: Pour milk* into cereal. Your choice of milk, ranging from skim to homo is best here. Soy milk may be alright, but nothing beats having cereal than having it with cow's milk. Pour milk until it covers cereal, until some flakes of cereal drop off the lip of the bowl, or as much as you dare without spilling a drop. But it all depends on the density of the cereal. Some cereal, like Corn Flakes or Shreddies will simply sink in the milk. Others, like Cheerios, will float on top.

Step 6: Put in brown sugar. Note that brown sugar is quite sweet, so unless you have a really sweet sweet-tooth, a couple tea spoons of brown sugar is good for cereal with no added sugar such as Cheerios or Rice Krispies, or none at all for already-sweetened cereal such as Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, or Honey-Nut Cheerios.

Step 7: Mix together. Gentle strokes are needed for this step, as you want to just coat the cereal with the milk underneath enough to be ready to eat.

Step 8: Sit down at the table, and start eating. Using your spoon, take a spoonful (or if you want to be dainty, just half a spoonful) of cereal and put into your mouth. Chew, enjoy, and swallow. Repeat until cereal is all gone.

Step 9: Once the milk is left, you can choose to either sip it out with a spoon, or drink it by the bowl in a similar way that you'd drink a glass of milk.

Tip: Cereal, to get the best out of it (i.e., to enjoy the crunchiness of the cereal while it lasts), must be eaten right away otherwise, if you wait too long, it will get really soggy and something you probably won't want to eat.

Warning: Some cereals contain gluten or even peanuts which you may be allergic to. Read the label when you purchase cereal to eat to make sure it contains no gluten or peanuts.

*You can eat cereal without milk, but it's best to eat such milk-less cereal without a spoon: as finger food instead.