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How To Get To Spear Pillar?

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You go to mt. coronet from harthome city.

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Where is spear pillar in ruby?

there is no spear pillar in ruby.

Where can you catch a Dialga?

At the spear pillar and in pearl at the spear pillar

Where is the spear pillar on platinum?

There is no spear pillar that's in emerald

After you get to Spear Pillar where do you find Palkia in Pearl?

at the end of spear pillar

Where is spear pillar on the map?

spear pillar isn't mentioned on the map

Pokemon Platinum where is spear pillar?

Spear pillar is located at the top of mt.Cornet.

Can mespirit fly to spear pillar?

No, Mespirt can't fly to spear pillar.

Where is Cyrus after battleing him at spear pillar?

You vs. him for the last time at Spear Pillar

How do you get Palkia without going to Spear Pillar?

It is impossible to get Palkia without going to spear pillar,spear pillar is the only place where Palkia can be found.

Can you only catch Dialga at the spear pillar in diamond?

yes only at spear pillar

Where do you catch Dialga on Pokemon diamond?

in spear pillar.(spear pillar is at the top of mount coronet)

What Pokemon episode is Spear Pillar in?

Pokemon galactic battle episode 31 is spear pillar

Where is spear pillar in pokemon platnum?

Spear Pillar is exactly where it was in Diamond and Pearl; Mt. Coronet.

Where is spear pillar in mt cornet?

you have to follow where the goons are to find your way to the top and you should be on spear pillar

Where is team Galactic after you get Palkia at spear pillar?

there at veilstone building only after spear pillar, you can not basttle them no more

Were is diagla in Pokemon Diamond?

Dialga is in Spear Pillar and Spear Pillar is located deep in Mt. Coronet.

Where in spear pillar is Cyrus?

Cyrus will be in Spear Pillar after you beat Commander Saturn at the Team Galactic HQ.

In Pokemon Diamond which is first Spear Pillar or Sunyshore City?

spear pillar on diamond, pearl, and platinum.

Where does team galactic go after spear pillar in Pokemon platinum?

After the Spear pillar, they go to Stark Mountain

How do yo you get to the spear pillar because there is a cave painting in the way?

You can't get to the Spear Pillar until you have done what has been asked in the story mode. Once you get further into the game, you can access the Spear Pillar.

Where is spear pillar?

it in mtcornet

Where is the Pokemon Palkia in Pokemon Pearl?

in spear pillar after the snowpoint gym challenge (spear pillar is in mt coronet)

Where is the spear piller?

Spear pillar is at the top of mount coronet.

How do you get to spear pillar in Super Smash Bros brawl?

To get Spear Pillar you need to beat solo event No. 25 ("The Aura is With Me").

Where is the Spear Pillar pokemon platinum?

The Spear Pillar is at the same location in Platinum as in Diamond and Pearl, the top of Mount Cornet.