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How To Raise A Kitten?

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you should have a:

cosy bed

kitten food

milk or water

grooming tools such as brush

a warm spot in your house

litter and litter dish

kitty toys

how to raise it:

when the kitten first comes in your home you should have a cosy bed made or bought, kitten food only kitten food they shouldn't have cat food until older, milk or water some kittens can be lactose and tolerant, you should brush your cats fur every while depending on how much they have you should brush long hairs daily and short hairs 2 times a week, and kittens also need litter and toys

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it depentens on kitten behavior...........................but if you get a kitten you can raise it the way you want it to be.

What you do is... you raise them from when they are babies. together

Give it plenty of milk and cuddlesIf the kitten is to small, let it drink from a milk bottle.then you let it sleep in a nice comfy bed

You must have completed Gertrude's Cat to receive a kitten. This is a very easy quest and should only take 15-20 minutes. As a reward for the quest, you will get your very own kitten. To raise your cat, all you must do is let it follow you around runescape, feeding it and playing with it while it is growing.

If you raise a Cheetah cat, a toyger cat, a boxer, a doberman and a German shepherd from early puppy and kitten hood, they will most likely get along. This can depend on the personality of the animals though.

A new born kitten will need A LOT of attention, warmth, kitten milk, and depending on how young it is... it may still need stimulation to use the bathroom, if you are not experienced on how to raise such a young animal please take it to a rescue or shelter that is equipped and knows how to do so.

usually a mother takes a kitten away (neglect it) for several reasons:she may neglect the runt because she has way too many litterrunt, because its a runt, the weakest. she considers it pointless to raise a weak kitten (survival of the fittest idea)the kitten may be sickshe may try to move her kittens to a new, safer area

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The best way to get a cat to like dogs is to raise it from a small kitten (6-10 weeks) with a dog. Being so small and still learning about the big world around it, the kitten will not discriminate against the dog and see it as a companion (friend). As the kitten grows to an adult, it will not see dogs as a threat, but instead, as a new friend

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