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How To Refresh a Parameterized DataReport?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-18 05:11:30

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Q: How To Refresh a Parameterized DataReport?
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What is a default parameterized constructor?

There is no such thing as a default parameterized constructor. The default constructor is always the 'no-arg' constructor and does not take any parameters or arguments as input

Parameterized constructor in c plus plus?

Usable, perfectly legal.

What is a parameterised constructor in java?

A parameterized constructor in java is just a constructor which take some kind of parameter (variable) when is invoked. For example. class MyClass { //this is a normal constructor public MyClass(){ //do something } //this is a parameterized constructor public MyClass(int var){ //do something } //this is another parameterized constructor public MyClass(String var, Integer var2){ //do something } }

What is the difference between default constructor and parameterized constructor?

A default constructor is one that has no parameters (C++ also calls constructors with all default parameters a default constructor), while a parameterized constructor is one that has at least one parameter without a default value. Default constructors can be provided by the compiler if no other constructors are defined for that class or any class the class inherits from, while parameterized constructors must always be defined by the developer.

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Can you rewrite the default constructor?

You are free to override the default constructor whenever you like. In fact, if you want to keep the default constructor when you also need a parameterized constructor, you have to override the default constructor in order to use it. Once you've written the parameterized constructor, the default constructor goes away.

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