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Google Driving Directions are 90% accurate.

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How accurate are MapQuest driving directions?

Although MapQuest driving directions are highly accurate in general, some users find them to be only 70% accurate. The accuracy depends on the region.

How long of a drive is it from Boston MA to portland Maine?

go to google maps, type in driving directions and it will give you a fairly accurate time and distance.

Which website provides the best driving directions?

I would suggest google maps for driving directions as it is the most popular. Other options for driving directions include Mapquest, Bing maps, yahoo maps, and AAA Driving Directions.

Accurate driving directions in Florida?

There is always Mapquest

What countries cannot Google Maps give driving directions for?

No where else.Google Maps give directions for everywhere

How do you do get directions on Google Earth?

To view driving directions in Google Earth you can right-click an icon or search listing result then in the pop-up menu, select either 'Directions from here' or 'Directions to here'. When you do this, the 'Search' panel automatically transfers the information to the 'Directions' tab. The route and turn-by-turn directions appear in the search listings window.It's easier to create driving directions in Google Maps (especially if you want to print it) then export the route back into Google Earth if you want to see it in 3-D. Google Maps also has advanced features. It allows you to change the mode of transport and get walking directions or travel by bicycle or public transit. Google Earth only shows driving directions by car.

How to get from flagstaf AZ to lake Powell?

Go to Google Maps and get driving directions.

How accurate is GPS on phone?

The GPS is incredibly accurate. The GPS uses Google Maps and MapQuest. If you are concerned about the GPS, download the Google Maps app to get turn by turn directions.

How long is the driving time from Wilson NC to Somerset PA?

If You Get Google Earth Or Google Map Directions, You Will Find Out.

Where can I find the most accurate automotive driving directions?

I find that automotive driving directions are best found on the vechicles actual website. SO depending on the make and model of the vehicle that you are driving you will need to check the website of the company that manufactures it.

What is driving distance between kissimmee Florida and Miami Florida?

Driving directions to Miami, FL218 mi - about 3 hours 25 minsgoogle earth will give directions

How can I find driving directions for Battle Creek Michigan from Loganport Indiana?

Google Maps will allow you to find any directions you need globally.

driving directions?

form_title= Driving Directions form_header= Get the most helpful driving directions. What is the quickest way to look up directions?*= _ [50] Can I access driving directions through an app on my phone?*= () Yes () No Will I be able to get a copy or print out of the driving directions?*= () Yes () No

Where can one get free driving directions?

Free driving directions can be found at google maps. There are many other websites though which are free to use such as AA and mapquest so it is worth seeing which suits best.

What are the driving directions to Grand Lake from Denver?

try google maps or one of the other map programs.

Is Google analytic as good as Google Maps?

Analytics is a different service than Maps. Analytics allows a person to check on website activity and who is visiting. Maps lets you get driving directions and even walking directions.

How do you get driving map directions using Mac computer?

Easiest way to get driving directions is fire up Google Maps on your web browser then enter the starting and ending places. This assumes you have an Internet connection when you using it.

How are Google Maps driving directions accessed?

On the Google maps website, click on the "Get Directions" button on the top left end of the screen. In the first space (A), enter your initial location and enter your destination in the second space (B).

Which online map service can send driving directions to your TomTom 130 device?

NOT google maps, thats for sure...

What is the driving time from Waterloo to Sudbury Ontario?

5 hours 40 minutes via the default directions from Google.

How many hours to drive 850 miles?

That depends on how fast you are driving. Try getting directions on Google maps.

What is the distance between Madison Florida and Baxley Georgia?

Google 32340, then click maps, then click driving directions, then baxley ga, it will give directions with # of road miles.

How accurate is Google Street Map?

Google Street Map is pretty accurate because when we go for hikes, we like to hike to different places and sometimes, we use our smartphones to find our way to the nearest road. Also, Google Street Maps are accurate because if we go on a road trip, then sometimes, we print out directions, and we haven't gotten lost once with Google Street Maps.

How many miles from SF to St Petersburg FL via hwy 10?

Use Google Maps > Driving directions

Driving directions from California to Yucatan Peninsula?

Does anyone have driving directions from California to Cancun