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At 7 weeks an ultrasound is accurate within 2 or 3 days. At 20 weeks it is accurate within 5-7 days.

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Q: How accurate are ultrasounds in determining when you conceived?
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How accurate are ultra-sounds in determining heartbeat?

Ultrasounds are very accurate when it comes to a heartbeat. 99.9 percent

Are ultrasounds always accurate?

NOO not always

What job deals with determining if a fetus is developing properly and or conducting ultrasounds?

An ultrasonographer or ultrasound technician.

How accurate is ultrasound on how far along you are?

The farther along you get, the more accurate the ultrasounds get, but usually, they are pretty accurate from the beginning. It just depends on how far along you are when the ultrasound is done.

Is the lovecalculator accurate in determining true love?


Which method of determining turn ratio is more accurate and why?

Which method of determining turn ratio is more accurate and why?

How accurate are ultrasounds at 16 weeks?

Not very accurate yet, your best bet is to wait until about 20 weeks to get a accurate ultrasound Ultrasounds are always most accurate in the first trimester of pregnancy, within about 3-5 days, in the second usually off by 7-10 days after 20 weeks could be off by 2 weeks and in the third it could even be as much as 3 weeks!

Are ultrasounds accurate when it come to measuring the baby?

i think its not accurate because i dont think that stick thing that they rub on ur stomache with can tell how long the baby is or how big the baby is

Why are renal ultrasounds performed?

Why are renal ultrasounds performed?

If your due date is September 25 when was the baby conceived?

Around Christmas time is about as accurate as you can say.

What is the name of the people who do ultrasounds?

The folks who do ultrasounds are generally called ultrasound technicians.

I have a friend?

what was her age anyways?? One thing you need to realise with ultrasounds and determining the age of the fetus is the size of the fetus. Either their dates are correct and your friend fell pregnant after the 15th or she fell pregnant around the 15th and the size of the fetus is a little smaller than average at that age and they are going by that. Get me? ultrasounds are not accurate, especially very early in the pregnancy. So they are saying she fell pregnant around sept 28 because of the size of the fetus and the average a fetus is at that age. Hope this helps.

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