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Absolutely not. The later in pregnancy the less accurate the scan. The first two giving a due date of October 2nd will be correct and give you a conception date of around January 9th.

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2006-09-05 07:05:37
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Q: If an ultrasound at 14 weeks showed your due date as Oct 2 and an ultrasound at 20 weeks showed the same but a 28-week scan gave a Sept 23 due date could you have conceived before Dec 12?
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Your ultrasound had showed a solid mass in right breast?


When did you conceive if your first ultrasound showed you that you were 5 weeks pregnant on June 8?

It depends if you were five weeks pregnant or five weeks from conception. If five weeks pregnant you conceived around 18 May, if five weeks from conception you conceived around 4 May. If you could see a heartbeat you were 5 weeks from conception.

When does the heart beat show on a ultrasound?

I was 6 weeks pregnant and it showed on the ultrasound the little heart beat. its was so cute!

If an ultrasound showed you were 19 weeks 2 days pregnant can you count back to see when you conceived?

Ultrasound gives an estimate of the age of the foetus. At this stage of the pregnancy, it's quite accurate, but it's still only an estimate, and the date of conception could be a few days, even a week, away from the date 19 weeks and 2 days ago.

What are the symptoms of Trisomy 13?

My result of my ultrasound showed no soft makers. is this a good sign that my baby will not have trisomy 18.

Had an ultrasound yesterday. LMP was Nov 2 so you should be 7 weeks The ultrasound only showed you being 5 weeks pregnant you are going back next week for another ultrasound Should you be worried?

You have two due accourding to your last period and one accourding to the size of the child on the ultrasound...i think the ultrasound one is more accurate

Should you have a d and c if you have not miscarried but your hormone levels are decreasing?

NO! My pregnancy hormones decreased and they thought it was a chemical pregnancy but my baby showed up on the ultrasound 2 weeks later. NO! My pregnancy hormones decreased and they thought it was a chemical pregnancy but my baby showed up on the ultrasound 2 weeks later.

Is their still hope if no embryo was present in ultrasound at 6 weeks?

yes! i went in for an ultrasound and thought i was 7 weeks and having a miscarriage. The ultrasound showed no embryo only a yoke sac. I went to my regular doctor the next week and it was there and i was 7 weeks on that day. so just wait it out!

Ultra sound showed shadow on babys heart and brain?

This makes no sense and this question should have been asked to the ultrasound tech when you were there.

If i took a home pregnancy test and it came up positive and the clinic test came up negative but the ultrasound showed two babies and it's too early for a heartbeat?

The ultrasound is as conclusive as it gets. The tests have a small margin of error because they test for hormones. The ultrasound sees what is there or not. You are most certainly pregnant. Possibly with twins. If you are still early on the ultrasound can be inconclusive about that. Sometimes one of the twins will be reabsorbed into your body early on as well. I know one person that showed twins early on but only one in a later ultrasound. I hope that this is good news for you and that both babies are born healthy.

What does unremarkable scrotal ultrasound mean?

The scrotum is the sac around the testis and the ultrasound test that was done showed nothing abnormal. Everything is fine.

What if the ultrasound showed that the baby has two veins?

It's supposed to have to veins. 2 Veins and 1 Artery in the umbilical cord. Think AVA.

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