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Pretty darn accurate. Try measuring something for yourself that you know the length of--it can get it almost exactly.

The Google Earth ruler is not accurate over long distances (e.g. > 5,000 km)

The official stance from Google is that it "makes no claims as to the accuracy of the coordinates in Google Earth. These are provided for entertainment only and should not be used for any navigational or other purpose requiring any accuracy whatsoever".

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Q: How accurate is the Google Earth Ruler?
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How do you use the ruler on Google earth?

Check out the related link below to find help using the Ruler Tool in Google Earth.

Is Google Earth useful?

Google Earth is useful if you wish to locate a specific place anywhere on the Earth. The images are accurate but not live.

Should you use meters or kilometers to measure the diameter of Earth?

try out the ruler on google earth

How accurate are Google driving directions?

Google Driving Directions are 90% accurate.

Which is more accurate ruler or a vernier caliper?

A caliper is more accurate.

What is the distance between Samoan islands and Tahiti?


Does Google Earth measure distance as Crow Flies?

In line mode the ruler is drawn as great circles (shortest possible path), which should be as a "crow flies". The ruler in Google Earth allows measurement of distances for a straight line or paths. Note for large distances (e.g. > 2000 miles) lines are drawn different than the lat-lon grid lines in Google Earth.

How do you draw a very accurate rhombus?

With a ruler.

Why is a ruler or steel tape more accurate to use than a meter stick?

a ruler or steel tape is more accurate becoz meter scale works less than ruler

How many miles is it from Washington DC to Moscow Russia?

4890 miles. You can get these distances on Google Earth. Click on Tools, then Ruler

How many miles is it from Washington DC to Hanoi Vietnam?

8320 miles. You can get these distances on Google Earth, click on Tools and then Ruler

How accurate is Google music search?

Google music search is very accurate. It is because it is owned by Google and Google is known to have the best technology and programming in the world.

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