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Canada was still a British territory at the time. Thus, when Britain went to war, the Canadians went to work as British citizens.


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There are no "European nations " in the United States that caused them to get involved in the war. European nations are in Europe.

Spain, Portugal, and Denmark were not involved.

No, it was a European war we chose to become involved in.

The US Navy and Australia and some Canadians, and, er, Japan.

there was around 1.1 million Canadians involved in WW2, and there where a couple thousznd in the RAF program as well.

The European countries involved in World War 1 introduced food rationing. Obviously, this involved issuing ration-books.

== == NO they were not. Barbarossa was the GERMAN attack upon the territory of the Soviet Union.

They felt that it was nothing to do with them and didn't want to get involved in a 'European' war.

Germany was involved in World War 2 and their was serious effects not only on most european countries but also in eastern USSR. So did WWI, for that matter.

Not getting involved in a European conflict. It wasn't called World War I then, obviously. Wilson "kept us out of war"; the country was not eager to get involved.

Yes World War 1 is a European War.

most Americans did not want to become involved in the European war..............

Canadians, Indians and ANZAC's(australians and New Zealanders) all fought for the British empire in world war 1.

There was political, territorial and economic conflicts which caused the war,

Approximately 44,198 Canadians were killed in WWII.

The Canadians fought in the European theater. From D-Day to the fall of Nazi Germany.

Canadians were helpful during world war 2 like D-Day, they operated like typical British units though

Europeans were involved in the scramble for Africa and i am not sure specifically which countries. In world war 1, the united states, great britian, France, and other European countries were involed.

spain, switzerland, sweden, vatican city, ireland,

UK got attacked by Russians and the Canadians were a part of the UK

German Canadians were treated very badly.

World War 2 was a world war because it was a war which involved most of the world, nearly all European and most of Asia and the US had some involvement with WW2 some were on a massive and some were on a small/minor scale.

The cause of the war involved European nations competing for control of colonies was boundary disputes.

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