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well during the war their was suspision at the Japanese people living in Australia.they were put in camps until the war was over.their was also many australians taken as prisioners of war.When these P.O.W were released it couldn't be helped but to show hatred towards japans torcherous was not until remembrence day that people actually accepted Japan and an understanding and friendship and or a type of truce was made.

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Q: How and why did Japans relationship with Australia change after World War 2?
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Who were japans allies during World War 1?

Great Britain, France, USA, Australia, New Zealand & Russia

In world war 2 the battle that ended japans threat to Australia was the?

There wasnt a battle that ended japans threat, inface U.S.A was losing but the two nuclear bombs in hiroshima and nagasaki ended the Japanese threat.

What was the relationship between Australia and Britain during World War 2?

What dramatic event changed Britain's relationship with Australia?

How did Pearl Harbor change history?

it changed the world by changing the rules, like rules of engagement and changing the lives of japans people for the rest of their lives.

How did the relationship between Britain and Australia change after World War 2?

Australia became free of Britains constitutional links during World War 2, ending it's colonial status. With British defeats at the hands of the Japanese forces allowing Japan to threaten Australia, Australia turned to the United States for assistance. While politically and economically close still, after World War 2, Australia became less dependent on Britain.

How has Australia changed since World War 2?

Australia has change from speeches delivered by the Parliament

Japans World War 2 emperor?

Emperor Hirohito.

What was the result of Japans invation into other countries?

World War.

What was Australia's relationship with Asia after World War 2?

Their relationship varied depending on the country. Asia is a huge conglomeration of countries, Australia is not.

What was the relationship between Australia and japan in World War 2?

they are at war kill and or defeat the enemy

What were Japans motives in World War 2?

Domination of the East and the Pacific.

Who was japans emperor during World War II?

Emperor Hirohito

Why was hirohito important to world war 2?

because he was japans emperor

What were Japans reasons for fighting us in World War 2?


WHAT were japans reasons for entering World War II?

they ate potatotes

How was japans dictatorship during World war 2?

Japan had an Emporer.

Who was japans general during World War II?

General Tojo

Who helped Japans economic recovery after World War 2?


How did japans economy boom after World War II?

An increase in manufacturing.

What was Australia's relationship with America and England during World War 2?

Australia's relationship with Britain started to deteriorate when Australia wanted to bring their troops home to defend Australia but Britain wanted to use them elsewhere. Australia turned to America and they united to fight japan.

Who was japans leader in World War 1?

Hirohito was Emperor from 1926 to 1989.

Where is granite located in the world?

granite is located is located under japans seas

What was japans motive for joining World War 2?

racism, resouces, revenge

What was the relationship between Australia and Asia like in World War 1?

In WW1 most of Asia was colonised by one European country or another and aside from the places colonised by the Germans such as Papua New Guinea they got along well. As a mater of fact Japans navy patrolled Australia's shore while what navy we had was off to Europe to fight England's war.

What was Japan's Achilles heel during World War 2?

What was japans achillies heel in world war two