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Bread mold

is a kind of fungus that usually forms on the surface of bread. This fungus causes the bread to lose its nutrients from the spot where it is present

. It is formed due to the presence of moisture on the surface of the bread and once it sprouts it keeps on growing and spreads from the original spot to the whole surface of the bread.

There are many different kinds of fungi in the environment and the bread can catch one of them when exposed to the air. As the bread has some moisture and is also nutrient, the mold would start growing and spreading on the surface of the bread

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Why does mold grow quickly on bread?

mold grows quickly on bread because bread has many ingredients that causes mold to form such as white bread has yeast which causes mold to form quicker than mold may form on others. some times trying to answer a question like DOES MOLD FORM ON WHITE BREAD OR WHEAT BREAD QUICKER your answer would be white bread because 1)white bread is less healthier than wheat and 2) white bread has yeast which again causes mold to form quicker. mold grows on white bread between 3-6 days and mold forms on wheat bread between 1-3 weeks.

What is the green mold on rye bread?

A form of the bread mold fungi called rizopus.

Does black mold form on bread?


Does any one mold form on different types of bread such as whole wheat and whole grain and white or french bread?

yes, it does. the mold grown is mucoralean mold

Can you use mold on a lemon as bread mold?

No. Bread mold grows on bread, hence the name.

What type of bread is more likely to form mold?

by moisture

How do spores form in bread mold?

fish dick seeds travel from the air and contaminate the bread

What is the physical characteristics of bread mold?

The Mold On The Bread .

What are the advantages of bread mold?

Bread mold is not an advantage. It is spoilage and ruins the bread.

How do you make penicillin?

Penicillin - Penicillium chrysogenun is a bread mold.'The unprocessed form of penicillin comes from the yellow juice extracted from the blue - green mold on bread'

Do bread mold gets its nutrients from bread?

Bread mold is not a living organism and does not get nutrients from bread.

What is black bread mold major form?

heat or hot air

Mold on expired bread?

No, you cannot eat bread that has mold. You are able to eat expired bread as long as there is not any mold on it.

Why does bread turn moldy?

mold is formed from yeast and turned into a form of raw form of pennacilline

Why does bread grow mold?

bread grows mold because if it is dry and worn out it needs the mold

How do you prevent mold from forming on bread?

no, you do not eat the bread faster... u put honey on the bread.. that should slow down the growth rate of the mold by a lot.. hope this helps :) Also, keep the bread bag airtight as much as possible. Exposing the bread to air gives the mold what it needs to form. Wrapping the bread up in foil will help a lot.

Why does mold grow on bread?

mold grows on bread because of the bacteria

What Kingdom does bread mold belong in?

Bread mold belongs in Fungi.

What microbes are used to make penicillin?

Penicillin - Penicillium chrysogenun is a bread mold. 'The unprocessed form of penicillin comes from the yellow juice extracted from the blue - green mold on bread'

What causes bread to get moldy?

Bread gets moldy from airborne mold. The airborne mold spores land on the surface of the bread and the mold spreads.

What is mold on bread called?


Will mold grow faster on white bread wheat bread or buttermilk bread?

Mold will grow faster on white bread.

Where is bread mold habitat?

A bread mold is the kind of mold that grows on bread in a hot and humid environment, usually with temperatures of 80 degrees and above. To prevent bread mold from developing keep your bread in a cool dry place or store it in a refridgerator.

What bread will mold first?

The white bread will mold first because the wheat bread has more grain.

How fast does processed bread mold?

bread mold in about 10/15 days it deepens what type of bread it is

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