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America's cooking style and food is different from Russia because russia has different style and different food to cook.

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Q: How are American cooking terms different from Russian's?
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What are some different terms of cooking?

Saute, bake, and broil would be three of many cooking terms.

What are the different cooking terms used when preparing and cooking food?


What are different terms of cooking and baking?

you cook something on a stove and bake something in an oven

What is the maeaning of cooking terms?

Words used in cooking

What 350F in cooking terms?

It is a medium cooking temperature.

What is the meaning of cooking term?

Cooking terms are words and phrases that are used in the activity of cooking.

What are the different cooking terms?

baste,beat,blanch,boil,brush,chopping board,casserole,can opener,

What are some cooking terms that begin with the letter E?

Extracts, and emulsify are cooking terms that begin with the letter E.

What is break in cooking terms?

what does "sauce break" mean in cooking term

What are the release dates for Cooking Terms and What They Mean - 1949?

Cooking Terms and What They Mean - 1949 was released on: USA: 1949

In the cooking terms what is a butterfly?

In cooking, a butterfly is term used in cutting the meat.

What are ten different cooking terms?

Bake, boil, whisk, fry, chop, slice, poach, simmer, knead, roast,

What is the cooking term for flouring meats before cooking?

Dredging, breading or coating are terms for flouring meats before cooking.

What is a marquise in cooking terms?

It is a chocolate mousse.

What does L stand for in cooking terms?


Why is cooking terms important?

cooking TERMS is important since you are dealing with foods you need to used an appropriate terms applied to its action in the kitchen and also for the clarification of your instruction whenever you instruct someone to help you.

What are the tools and equipment for cooking terms?

what cooking tool is used to dip food in egg and roll in crumbs

How many is half ounce in cooking terms?


What does ml mean in cooking terms?

it means milliliters

Cooking terms that begin with the letter z?


What is 72 degrees in cooking terms?

room temp...

Can mineral oil substitute glycerin?

In terms of cooking, No.

Are cooking terms the same with food preparation terms?

A straight up no. Food Preperation terms mean you prepare the food-preheating, mixing,gathering ingredients,etc. Cooking terms mean you make the food-bake at 350,cook for 25 minutes,etc.

What is the meanning of min in cooking terms?

Minimum, or also minutes

What does dinde mean in cooking terms?

Dinde is French for Turkey.

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