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How are DNA tests done to the child Will it hurt the child are all three tested?

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A "buccal swab" is used for DNA tests. This means that a cotton swab, similar to a Q-tip, is rubbed against the inside of the cheek, to collect cells for evaluation. While it is just as accurate as a blood test, this procedure is painless and non-invasive, making it a much more desirable test, particularly in the case of small children. Only the child and the male in question has to be tested.

2011-09-13 04:05:26
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Are HIV and STD tests the same?

No, the tests that look for HIV and those for other STD's are different. Each disease has its own test(s). HIV has two main tests that are routinely done to screen (i.e. to see if someone has the disease) for it: the ELISA and the Western Blot. Both tests are done (the ELISA is actually done twice) and must be positive before someone is diagnosed with HIV. If you have had testing for STD's but are not sure if you were tested for HIV you probably weren't tested for HIV. In most states HIV testing is done on an 'opt-in' basis. That means you must give written consent before you can be tested for HIV. There are a few states with 'opt-out' policies (you have to specifically refuse to be tested) but as a general rule if you didn't sign a consent form you weren't tested for HIV. If you're not sure ask whoever tested you whether or not you were tested for HIV.

How are drugs tested before they are used?

Initial tests are routinely done on animals. Later on they're tested on human volunteers to check for any side-effects.

What is DNA used to make?

DNA tests are done to find out the parents of a child. so if a child wants to know who their parents are then a test could be done.

Should children be tested for genetic diseases before they are old enough to understand what the tests mean?

Only if the tests are not invasive (i.e. I would count a blood test as not invasive, but if there had to be an organ biopsy that's invasive), unless there was something that could be done to help the child that would be effective at this age.

What drug tests are done for peyote?

Mescaline is the common known active ingredient in Peyote. It is not tested for in any drug test. It would only be tested for in a situation in which peyote was suspected to be used. It is not tested for in standard drug test or an extended drug test. This includes hair, urine, blood, sweat and saliva tests.

Can a mother sue a man for maintenance without DNA tests being done to prove that it is his child?

She can, although she would have a fairly hard time proving it is his child. Get the tests done; if she refuses then you can basically refute all claims by showing her reluctance to prove them.

What Three tests that can be done to indentify a mineral?

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How do you tell if you have AIDS or HIV?

The only way to know if you are infected with the HIV virus is to be tested. Tests today can be done in less than 30 minutes.

If you go to the doctor to be tested for a bladder infection will drugs in your system show up as well?

Only if your doctor tests for them. Which is expensive, and only done when necessary.

What is the process of getting an allergy test done?

The process of getting an allergy test done depends on the type of allergies being tested. The tests usually involve a blood sample or a skin test.

Is it necessary to give tests and evaluate test results?

Yes. It gives information as to where the person tested stands, how they are performing and an indication of what can be done to help, by pinpointing their weaknesses. It also prepares them for other tests they would undertake as practice.

What drug test needs to be done to detect Ritalin?

Standard drug tests (SAMHSA-5 etc) do not detect methylphenidate. It must be tested for specifically. It has been known to produce false positives for amphetamines and methamphetamine on drug tests.

How do you test males for STDs?

There are many ways that males are tested for STD\'s. It really depends on what disease(s) that the man is being tested for. Blood work is the most common tests done for a STD. Other ways are looking at the affected area and urine.examine the penis.. urine analysis and blood workDepending on history, a man might be tested for a number of STDs. Some tests are done with urine sample, some with culture of an abnormal area, and some with blood testing.

Are the pregnancy result test good after one day?

No, usually the tests would be done a few days after sexual intercourse, otherwise you will get false negatives if you tested too soon.

How can he get an Alzheimer test to check his memory?

Try asking your doctor for your options regarding your grandfather and getting him tested to see how his memory is doing. Alzheimer's tests can probably be done on the spot.

Can paternity testing be done by court order?

Yes, paternity tests can be done by court order. The reason this is so is because of custody battles, and the father wants to be sure the child is his before he either fights for the custody or pays for child support.

How do you get tested for type 3 diabetes?

To get tested for type three diabetes, you have to do a glucose test, fasting, and blood work. It is much like the testing done for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Had a pap smear blood tests and urine tests and they have all come back negative for STD does that mean?

its means you do not have an STD that was tested with pap, blood or urine testing. You may have other STIs that were not tested for or for which tests aren't available. Talk with your health care provider regarding the exact testing that was done, and what testing was not. (For instance, testing for herpes is usually not helpful unless a patient has a sore, and testing for HPV infection isn't available.)

What test can a man take to see if he can have children?

There are tests men can take at a doctors office. Various tests are available. Sperm count can be done to see the quantity present in semen (low sperm count can be a sign of disease and infertility). The quality of the semen can also be tested.

What type of research is being done on stem cells?

Scientists have been doing tests with stem cells and they have found that with the cells it can be a cure on diabetes. They have tested it on rats and it has worked. It can also help your lungs.

What kind of tests is there for genital herpes?

There are two ways you can be tested for herpes. If you happen to have a break out then a sample of a sore or blister is taken and sent to be tested for herpes. If you don't have any signs or symptoms of a break out then you can have a blood test done. But you should wait at least 4-8 weeks to have it done. If you take the blood test too early you can get false results.

Can you tell when you're pregnant if you're going to have a down syndrome child?

You don't automatically "just know", if that's what you mean. There are tests that can be done, however.

Can males be tested for chlamydia?

Men can be tested for chlamydia. Typically, the test is done on a urine sample.

Diabetes Tests?

Diabetes tests can be done on children and adults, including women who are pregnant. Testing is done through blood work.