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Abraham was Joseph's great grandfather.

Abraham had a son Isaac.

Isaac's son was Jacob.

Jacob's son was Joseph.

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Who came first in the bible Abraham or Joseph?

Abraham was the great-grandfather of Joseph. Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to Joseph.

Was Christ related to Joseph of On?

No record of this in the Bible.

Who was the grandfather of Joseph son of Jacob in the Bible?

Abraham - Isaac - Jacob/Israel - Joseph was the 11 th son. Joseph's grandfather was Isaac and great grandfather was Abraham.

Who are the couples in The Bible?

Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebekah, Joseph & Asenath, Jacob & Rachel, etc.

Who is Joseph in Greek Mythology?

There is no Joseph in Greek Mythology. Joseph of the Christian bible and Abraham faiths is either the son of Jacob or the adopted father of Jesus and husband of Mary.

Who are businessmen in the Bible?

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were definitely businessmen. So was Potiphar, to whom Joseph was sold.

Who was the father that dwell in tents in the bible?

Abraham, the father of three religions was a tent dweller. See related links for information on Abraham

What is the Book of Abraham?

The Book of Abraham was translated from some Egyptian papyri by Joseph Smith, Jr. If you want to read the Book of Abraham, you can do so online at the "Related Link" below.

When was Joseph Abraham Steblicki born?

Joseph Abraham Steblicki was born in 1726.

When did Joseph Abraham Steblicki die?

Joseph Abraham Steblicki died in 1807.

When was Joseph Abraham born?

Joseph Abraham was born on 1981-09-11.

Who is the father of Abraham in the Bible?

According to the Bible, Terah was the father of Abraham.

Who bless abraham in the Bible?

Abraham was blessed by God according to the Bible.

Who are some famous couples from the Bible?

Joseph / Mary Adam / Eve Samson / Deliliah David / Bathsheba Abraham / Shara

When did Abraham-Joseph Bénard die?

Abraham-Joseph Bénard died in 1822.

When was Abraham-Joseph Bénard born?

Abraham-Joseph Bénard was born in 1750.

Where was Abraham from the Bible born?

Abraham from the bible was born 2000bc and died 1825bc

When was Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla born?

Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla was born in 1248.

What is the meaning of the name Milka?

comes from the Hebrew bible (abraham sister in law) and can be related to melekh - king

Famous couples in The Bible?

There were many famous couples mentioned in the Bible. Among them are Adam and Eve, Joseph and Mary, Sampson and Delilah, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, and Uriah & Bathsheba.

Were Noah and Abraham related?

A:The Bible says that Noah was a distant ancestor to Abraham, but lived until Abraham was 60 years old, although Abraham seems unaware of Noah's existence or even of God having saved him in the Flood. From a biblical perspective, Noah and Abraham's were therefore related. From a historical perspective, both Noah and Abraham are considered by scholars to be mythical and therefore Noah and Abraham are only related in biblical tradition.

Was Abraham lonely?

Which Abraham? Abraham in the Bible? Abraham Lincoln? Please clarify your question.

Who were the people used by God in the Bible?

Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Solomon, David, Jonah, Peter, Paul, Timothy and many many more

How did Abraham live out the covenant in the Bible?

Abraham lived the covenant out in the bible only on good faith.

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