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Microsoft has developed a number of products. Microsoft office, PowerPoint, Excel are some of the products.

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Q: How are Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint used in work environment?
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How and why you use Microsoft word excel and PowerPoint in IT?

You use MS Word Excel for creating spreadsheets and PowerPoint for presentations.

What is the umbrella that Microsoft Word excel an PowerPoint are inside of?

Microsoft Office

Components of Microsoft office?

Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint and outlook

What can Microsoft Word do that Excel and Powerpoint can not?

There are a lot of things Word does, that Excel and Powerpoint don't. Probably the most significant of these is Mail Merge.

How Microsoft office word Excel and PowerPoint used in various environments?

Microsoft Office is an application software (i.e. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint). MS Word is used in word processing, MS Excel is used in spreadsheets, and MS Powerpoint is used in slide presentations.

What is type of Microsoft?

Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc...

Does Microsoft Word 2003 have Excel and Power Point?

Microsoft Word does not contain Excel or Powerpoint. The three come as separate applications with versions of Office 2003. So it is Office 2003 that contains Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

How do you start Word Excel or PowerPoint?

Using a Windows OS, Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office-> Powerpoint or Excel

To what type of software does ms-word belongs to?

Microsoft Others include- * Microsoft Excel * Microsoft PowerPoint * Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer * Microsoft Outlook, etc

Word PowerPoint Excel are all made by witch company?


Does window 8 have Word Excel Powerpoint and Onenote?

Yes Windows 8 has included Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It is because of the fact that Microsoft has the right of these products.

Does office comes with word excel and PowerPoint?

Yes! Microsoft comes with everything related to Microsoft.

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