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The same way as everyone else.

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Q: How are aboriginal people governed?
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What did the aboriginal people wear?

Aboriginal people from what land?

What do aboriginal people believe?

The aboriginal Faith

How do you make sentence for aboriginal?

aboriginal people were one of the first people

Where do aboriginal people stay?

Aboriginal people are found and live in Australia.

What did the aboriginal people have to trade?

The Aboriginal people traded fur and skills.

Who are aboriginal people?

Aboriginal people refer to the native race of Australian people. Aboriginal Australians were also found on islands close to Australia.

What do aboriginal spears do?

Aboriginal spears kill many animals and the aboriginal people cooked and ate! But some people steel aboriginal children and treat them terribly.

When did aboriginal people invent the canoe?

aboriginal people invent the canoe at midday

Who made aboriginal dot paintings?

Aboriginal people

What is Aboriginal people?

Aboriginal people are people before colonization, normally called indigenous people. Term "Aboriginal" is normally applied to people who inhabited Australia before European colonization.

How many people are in one family aboriginal?

they are about 30 people in one aboriginal family

Who are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the indigenous people of Australia.

How did the Australian aboriginal people get the materials to make their clothes?

The Australian aboriginal people wore no clothes.

What does Campbelltown mean aboriginal?

"Campbelltown" is an English name, not aboriginal. The aboriginal people of the Campbelltown were the Tharawal tribe.

What are some aboriginal dog breeds that aboriginal people bred for work and hunting?

The only type of canine breed which the Aboriginal people used was the dingo.

How was Plymouth colony governed?

they were governed by a group of 30 people

Who governed the people in the middle ages?

they were governed by a king or queen.

Why do aboriginal people respect their elders?

aboriginal elders and NAIDOC week

Does more aboriginal people drink alcohol than non-aboriginal people?

no that is just saying that they are bad people when they are not.

Where do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people live?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the indigenous people of Australia.

What are the aboriginal people of Australia called?

Australia's indigenous people, or natives, are known as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

When did the aboriginal people arrive in Australia?

Aboriginal people first arrived Australia in 4000 year ago .

What did the aboriginal people traveled in?

aboriginal people didn't travel in any thing they always travelled by foot

What is the difference between Aboriginal and Inuit people?

It's to my understanding that Aboriginal is a term for all people native to a land. Inuit people are from the northwest regions of North America. Aboriginies, are the people native to Australia. They were the aboriginal people of Australia.

What do Aboriginal people celebrate?

Aboriginal people often celebrate the summer and winter solstice along with harvests. Aboriginal people also celebrated the end of droughts and the birth of new tribe members.