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I dont know but darn it, I am going to give it a try. A friend of mine did exactly that. Many smaller aircraft use regular automotive lamps, so I presume you mean REALLY BIG 28V landing lights. A second or larger 28V alternator and 28V battery is needed. Then you need a relay to turn the things on, since the switches you have won't do the job. When all this is hooked up...Boom! it's daylight. Oh yes, put a basket on the side of your truck for the tickets you will get. When my friend did this he finally got a letter from his draft board classifying him unfit for service in 1964, since he had dozens of tickets.

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Q: How are aircraft landing lights connected to a truck?
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How do you repair lights on back of 2500 HD truck?


Have no lights on your 1996 Nissan Pickup Truck starts with no problems?

check fusible link its connected to positive battery cable,coulb be burnt or swollen.

What has wheels and can fly but it is not an aircraft?

A Garbage Truck

Where can truck lights be purchased from?

Truck lights can be purchased from most automotive stores. There are several different automotive stores available and it is likely that they will have lights for trucks.

Trailer lights dont work when vehicles light are turned on?

Check that the wiring between the truck and the trailer are connected. Unplug them and then plug them in again. Also check the fuses under the dashboard (if it is a moving truck, there are also fuses under the hood) to be sure they are ok. Finally, check the bulbs in the lights.

What is the ctsy fuse on my 93 Chevy truck?

The ctsy fuse is for your courtesy lights. These include your dome lights, vanity mirror lights, and any other small misc. lights in your truck.

What is a bobtail truck?

A bobtail truck is a truck that is not carrying anything. It has no trailer or chassis connected. It is usually the tractor part of a semi truck without the trailer. It can also refer to a truck where all of the axles are connected to the same chassis.

How would the bulbs shine in a series circiut?

An electric light bulb, incandescant type, is designed to operate at a certain voltage. Let's take 12 volt car headlights for example. Two 12 volt lights are connected in parallel in a car to provide the headlights, the same 2 lights could be connected in series if used on a truck with a 24 volt battery, or 20 of the lights could be connected in series if connected to a 240volt home electric circuit. (In the US think of 10 connected in series on your 110 volt system.) The lights would each produce about the same light output, but the number of lights would cause more light in total. In series there is a problem, when one light failsm they all go out. That's why lights in a house are connected in parallel.

My blinkers on my truck don't work when the lights are on this is for a 1999 suburban what do i do?

so what do i do if my blinkers do not when the lights are on

What are the release dates for Truck Universe - 2004 Warning Lights?

Truck Universe - 2004 Warning Lights was released on: USA: 20 August 2011

Where is the fuse located on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT that controls the lights on a trailer that is connected to the truck?

check the bulbs if that does not work,check your wiring harness.i had the same thing happen to me and it was my wiring harness

When you try to start your truck the lights on the dash are working but when you turn the key every thing goes dead?

The battery: either it is almost discharged, or a terminal is not clean/poorly connected, or badly earthed.

Why all the commercial aircraft pull by a truck to runway before to takeoff?

Truck fuel is cheaper than jet fuel.

Why won't the dashboard lights and the tail lights turn on in a 1988 GMC truck?

Probably a fuse

Can an airplane take off on a public road?

If the road is wide enough for the aircraft, then theoretically yes. It's not likely to ever happen, though; what is more likely to happen is an aircraft making an emergency landing on a road, in which case it may take off from the road again afterwards but is more likely to be cut up and transported away on a truck.

When you plug your boat trailer light to your 2006 GMC sierra the lights on the trailer will not come on if you use another truck the lights will work where do you look is it a fuse or a circuit break?

Trailer Lights Work on Other Vehicles but Not MineIF the lights [tail, turn, and brake] are working on your vehicle, AND the trailer lights will work on some other vehicle, that confirms:That the problem is NOT in your vehicle's wiring system.That the problem is either in the trailer wiring, OR is caused by the IMPROPER connection of the connector plug wires to the wiring of your vehicle.It is critical that the connector plugs [on the vehicle and the trailer] are properly connected to the correct wires.The fact that NONE of the lights work when connected to your truck suggests that the defect is related to the GROUND wireas that is the only wire common to all the different light circuits.

Are green strobe lights legal on a plow or tow truck in mass?

I was told by the Massachusetts DMV that you can not use green lights on any vehicle , Tow truck or plows as well as clear lights.. You may only use AMBER lights on tow trucks & or plows..

How are planes refuelled safely?

mostly by bonding the refueling truck to the aircraft to equalize the static electricity between the refueling truck and the aircraft. there are also different types and grades of aircraft fuel that have very different flash points and auto ignition temperatures. the refueler should also not be wearing clothes that build up a heavy static charge i.e. wool and poly. there are parts of the aircraft that get very hot during flight and on landing, spilling fuel on the brakes of an aircraft that has recently landed is almost a guarantee that it will catch fire. fuelers should also not be wearing anything that can cause sparks i.e. hobnailed soles, exposed steel toed boots, or riveted pants. all refueler trucks should have 2 fire extinguishers on the outside of the truck, and if there is a fuel spill the refueler truck is not to be turned off due to the posibility of a backfire, or started due to the posibility of sparks from the electrical system.

Where do you put antifreeze in a truck?

In the canister that's connected to the radiator.

1991 Chevy truck no tail or dash lights?

I have a 1991 Chevy surburan and it has no tail lights and no dash lights, all fuses are good

Where could one purchase LED truck lights?

LED truck lights can be purchased at any automobile parts store, as well as online at Amazon. AutoZone, NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, and Drivetrain America also stock these lights.

Why do truck turn signal lights work but not the turn signal lights on the trailer?

There are separate fuses for trailer signal lights in main fuse panel

Where can one purchase flood lights for a truck?

You can purchase Flood lights for a truck in Canadian Tire, Wal Mart, Target or a good garage in your locality. You can also find cheaper ones on Ebay with the same model of your truck for a fraction of the regular price.

You have a 1996 Chevy truck The runing lights and low beam lights Have stopped working?

had that prblem, its your wireing hornis

How do you remove a truck bed on a Mazda truck?

get under neath the truck remove bolts that hold bed to truck. disconnect wiring that goes to lights on bed. lift off bed