Dolphins and Porpoises

How are dolphins and penguins different?

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Dolphins are mammals, while penguins are birds.

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Are penguins smarter than dolphins?

dolphins are probably smarter than penguins. Dolphins are 1 of the smartest animals.

Do dolphins eat penguins?


Do penguins eat dolphins?


How do dolphins and penguins stay warm?

Dolphins have blubber layers that keep their internal temperatures warm. Penguins have different layers of feathers, the first layer is a soft down layer to stay warm, and the outerlayer is water resistant.

What makes a penguins wings and dolphins flippers have in common?

They have no common because Penguins are much smaller

Are penguins faster swimmers than dolphins?

No, they are slower

What are some endangered sea animals?

Whales, Penguins and dolphins!

What do penguins and dolphins have in common?

both swim in cold water

How are dolphins different from humans?

dolphins are different from humans by dolphins is similar to fish but we are not.

What are some different types of Sea Creatures?

There are fish , sharks , whales , octopuses , dolphins , seahorses , seals , penguins , stingrays , jellyfishes and many more .

Do penguins help people?

no not really. They only can do that in movies. However dolphins can.

What animals belong to the Spheniscidae family?

Crabs dont, but penguins and dolphins do

How pink dolphins and regular dolphins are different?

They are different because of their different color.

Do dolphins eat anything besides fish?

Bottlenose dolphins eat various types of fish and rays. Orcas or killer whales, which are dolphins, also eat seals and penguins.

How are pink dolphins different from ocean dolphins?

Pink dolphins are different from ocean dolphins because pink dolphins are flexible and don't have long fins like dolphins do.

Do penguins come in different colors?

Penguins don't come in different colours

What kind of food do dolphins eat?

Bottlenose dolphins eat fish and rays. Orcas, the largest of all dolphins, eat fish, but they have also been known to eat penguins and seals.

Which are the different types of dolphins?

common dolphins

Why are dolphins different to fish?

Dolphins are mammals

Why shark penguin dolphin have similar streamlined?

shark, penguins and dolphins have a aquatic habitat

What do killer whales actually eat?

Other dolphins, penguins, seals, fish. Will sometimes attack whales. Killer whales are really large dolphins.

What is the length of a penguin in cm?

Penguins come in different sizes. Different species of penguins have quite different sizes.

How many different kinds of dolphins are there?

There are slightly over 30 different species of dolphins. Including salt water dolphins and fresh water dolphins. So there are around 30 to 32 different species.

How many kinds of penguins are there?

16 different kinds of penguins

How are birds and penguins different?

Penguins ARE birds, your question is meaningless.