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well they are carnivores so if somehow u got bitten they may mistake u for a steak?

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Lions can be dangerous to humans if you are in their territory or by their young.

Lions are dangerous to humans and other animals. Basicly lions are dangerous to everything, and everyone because they are meat eaters.

humans are powerful because they can kill a lion by a gun but still lions are dangerous

The most Dangerous animals in the world besides humans are probaly the lions, hippos, and the white tigers. But many other animals are dangerous too.

In any situation that they get too close. Lions are wild animals whether they are domesticated, in a zoo, or out in the wild.

Lions are most dangerous to humans in the first 10 days following a full moon. Most attacks occur between 6 PM and 9:45 PM. Approaching cubs or lions in general is not wise as it can be considered threatening by the lion.

how are lions helpful / harmful to humans? how are lions helpful / harmful to humans?

Absolutely. Hippos kill more humans than any other animal, even lions, in Africa.

hippos are the most dangerous animals to humans in africathen elephantsthen lions etc...Don´t forget the malaria mosquito and its disease-inducing microorganism.

Natural disasters or climate occurances, such as drought creates difficulties. Most dangerous to the lions though, I would say are humans.

Lions are apex predators which means they do not have any natural predator. There is no animal that can kill and consume a tiger. Lions have only 2 enemies - One is their own clan - Lions can kill one another during a fight. Second is Humans. Humans are the most dangerous foes of the Lions. Humans have been hunting lions as part of game hunting for decades which has wiped out large populations of these majestic beasts.

white lions are not as agresive as normal lions

yeah humans can make guns and kill lions from a distance

Yes, lions and humans have a similar respiratory structure.

There are many dangerous animals that can harm a human. The most obvious ones are the larger ones such as lions and tigers. However, smaller animals such as stray dogs can also be dangerous.

Humans and other lions hunt lions.

Lions are not dangerous unless you provoke them

Lions are very dangerous animals. They are fast so there is no way to get out of a lion chasing you.

lions. humans eat lions, and humans are mammals.

Except humans and male lions, there are no major predators for the lions

Lions are more dangerous than hyenas because they are stronger and bigger carnivores.

they hate humans for the simple fact that there meat eat eatter and humans are meat

Not normally, but Humans are dangerous to them.