How are marmots used for medicine?

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In general, marmots are not used in medical production or research. However, depending upon the specific system under study, there may be some lab marmots in medical research.

Other that this, the only use for a marmot in medicine would be in traditional medicine; this use would be unsubstantiated and possibly dangerous depending upon what part of the marmot is used and what exactly it is supposed to do.

What does a marmot eat?

Marmots eat mostly vegetation and sniff it out with their noses. And sometimes they will whistle about it. Flowers, mosses, grasses, and berries are the preferred diet of ma

What are medicines used for?

to get better. Medicines are legal drugs thats help the body fight disease andinjury.

Why use medicine?

Medication can relieve pain, prevent health complications and make life better. In many cases it is a better alternative than dying.

What is medicine used for?

medicine is a cure for when u are sick u go to the docter and they either give u a one of a kind of liquid of tablets.

Is a marmot a mammal?

Marmots are warm blooded animals which means 'it is a mammal.' Hope this answer helps a lot. KEEP SMILING:)

Who are marmots enemies?

snakes, birds of prey, and some cats are the most common predators that eat our small fuzzy marmot friends

What are the uses of medicines?

Medicines and drugs can help treat the causes and symptoms of illness, or to prevent their onset. Medicines are sometimes used for other than their intended purposes, and can

What is used in medicine?

carnitor 500 tab contains levocarnitine 500 mg. its main role is in chronic fatigue, weakness, cramps, male infertility, dilated cardiomathy. Also recommended in diabetes, cir

What is this medicine used for?

Gout medicine is used to cure people and animals from sickness that can cause them to die... Medican is a home developer based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. It is used i

Is a marmot a consumer?

Yes. They eat plants, seeds, insects and sometimes even smaller animals.
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Are marmots aggressive?

Why? Are you planning on touching one? They can be. If you for example tried picking one up they will defend themselves by biting and scratching. But if you saw a Marmot say a
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How do you use a sentence for marmot?

I don't know if city ordinances allow it, but I have a pet marmot, which I feed with greens and roots.