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They are killed by internal electrocution or poisoned. The rabbit farmers take care not to damage the animals fur. Fur farmers argue that cruelty is not imposed on the animal during the operation. They say that any physical abuse to the animal during the process would make the animals fur useless. The animal, which is normally 10 to 12 weeks old, suffers a painful death, but at least the precious fur is protected.

Rabbits raised for their fur lead miserable lives in cramped and overcrowded conditions, often suffer from injuries inflicted by their cage-mates, and many die early deaths from their injuries. Rabbits raised for fur is a fiercely debated topic between fur advocates and animal rights groups such as the Animal Liberation Front.

Do a video search for farms and you can see first hand the conditions that these condemned animals live in.


In a terrible way.

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Q: How are rabbits killed to make a fur coat?
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How many rabbits are killed to make one fur coat?

It takes 30-40 rabbits to make ONE coat. These animals are raises and killed inhumanly. They are often killed between 10-12 weeks old.

How many chinchillas are killed to make a fur coat?

It depends on the size of the fur coat.

How many dogs are killed for fur coats?

10 Dogs are killed to make one fur coat 24 cats are killed to make one fur coat over a year 2 million dogs are killed and 4 million cats are killed

How many rabbits does it take to make a fur coat?

To make a single fur coat, it can take in the range of thirty to forty rabbit hides. This number is more for other animals.

Why are rabbits killed for?

They are killed for food and fur.

For what reasons are tigers being killed?

Meat, fur to make a coat.

How many rabbits are killed to make a fur coat?

Depending on the size of the coat and length it could take anywhere from 20-30 for smaller shorter coats to 50 plus for larger longer lenght coats.

How many animals are killed each year for their fur?

Millions of animals are killed each year for their fur. Every year in France, over 70 million rabbits alone are killed for their fur to make coats.

Are sheep killed to make fur?

Generally no. The fur grows on the sheep while it is alive, and is simply shaved off so the coat can regrow.

What is the dominant color of fur rabbits have?

The wild rabbit agoutti coat is dominant.

What are seals killed for?

If killed by humans, seals are used for their fur and sell fur coat in the black market. By other animals, seals are killed for food.

What kind of animals get killed for fur?

Sadly many animals get killed for their fur. But the most common include minks, possums, foxes, sheep, and rabbits.

Why do rabbits have fur?

rabbits have fur because the fur is used to keep the rabbits warm

What is a furry Coat?

A furry coat is a coat with fur or if your talking about coated fur its just fur.

Do rabbits get cold in the house?

No because rabbits are warm blooded and have a dense coat of fur and are completely fine inside a house :)

Can rabbits survive -1 degrees?

Yes, as they have a coat of fur for protection. If you search the Internet you may also find pictures of rabbits in the snow.

Is rabbit killed for its fur?

Sometimes but not always. Some people eat rabbit (feet) so they are killed for food. Hunters also might want to kill them for a hunting accomplishment, but most of the time, rabbits are not the main victim to be killed for fur. Mostly bears are killed for their fur (fur coats).

Do they kill the mink when they make mink coats?

Yes the mink is usually killed by a licensed trapper then the fur is sold to a coat maker.

Why do rabbits lose there for?

If you mean lose their fur then I can help you. Rabbit lose their fur when they moult. Moulting happens about twice a year and is when the old fur dies and falls out, but it is replaced with new fur. Rabbits have 2 types of coat: a thick one for winter, and a thinner one for summer. The winter coat is darker and the summer coat is lighter, because light colour reflect the heat so the rabbit won't get too hot.

How many animals does it take to make a fur coat?

The number of animals it takes to make a fur coat depends on the size of the animal and the size and style of the coat. It can take 30 to 50 mink to make a coat, but only 2 or 3 seals.

Are all mammals born naked?

yes. they are born naked but mammals such as rabbits are born with a fur coat.

How do rabbits get their colors?

The colour and appearance of a rabbit's fur coat depends on its genes, and its genes depend on its parents.

Why do rabbits fur come off?

Rabbits shed (or molt) as a natural process just like cats and dogs do. In the winter they put on a warm thick coat which is shed of to a thinner sleek glossy coat in the summer.

Can you have a bath when your rabbit pregnant?

Rabbits should never be given baths. Getting a rabbits coat completely wet will ruin its fur. Rabbits are much like cats in that they bathe themselves.

Do rabbits pull out their own fur to make a nest?

When rabbits think they are pregnant or if they are they pull out their fur to make a nest. If your rabbits got hay or straw they will also use it to make a nest. It makes a lot of mess if they are not probably pregnant.