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All denominations came from Catholics and having same bibles with small changes/


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Roman Catholics and some other Christian denominations, all over the world, celebrate All Saints Day.

the three main religions of Ireland are, Dublin, Christian denominations, and Roman Catholics.

Roman Catholicism is the largestdenomination in Christianity. It derives when, back in the ancient Roman days, Constantine the Great (a Roman emperor) became a Christian. The official religion of the Roman empire was Christianity. There were already all sorts of denominations of Christianity at the time, like the Greek Orthodox, and eventually the Christianity in the Roman empire was known as Roman Catholicism. In all of Europe, Roman Catholicism was the prominent denomination, and those Christians were called Roman Catholics. Never just call them just "Catholics" because the word Catholic by itself merely means Christian, rather than referring to a particular denomination. They are called Roman Catholics because the denomination originated in the Roman empire. After the fall of the Roman empire in Europe (the Eastern Roman empire continued on till the crusades), much of Europe was known as the Holy Roman Empire, for religion was the law and government. It wasn't until Martin Luther in the early 16th century brought the Protestant Reformation where the world would get other denominations. Luther pointed out the flaws in the church, and made a separate denomination with similar and different beliefs: Protestantism. The Anglican denominations was one of the first Protestant branches, and the most similar to Roman Catholicism. Puritanism also came into existence, as well as countless denominations in the Americas with the settlers. All these new denominations are under Protestantism, also including Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and all the other ones in the Americas. As well, Roman Catholicism and Anglican was brought to the Americas.

The vast majority of Mexicans, both in Mexico and other countries, are Roman Catholics.

Denominations of Christians: Roman Catholics Orthodox Protestant Anglican The Free Churches Pentecostal many other free churches.... baptist, methodist, etc.....

They practice Estonian Orthodox Roman Catholics Anglicans and Quakers in the southern parts

Roman Catholic AnswerUkranian Catholics ARE Roman Catholics, so NO, they Mass if not like Roman Catholics it is Roman Catholic.

No, unless they are willing to come into the Roman Catholic church. If they don't know that it is wrong then it is not a sin though.AnswerNo they cannot, despite the fact that the Catholic Church recognises baptism in other denominations as long as it is in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.Along with a few other doctrines from which the Catholic Church will not retract, this exclusive and divisive ban on receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion in the Catholic Church for non-Catholics is THE one great stumbling block to ecumenism - especially as almost all other denominations welcome communicant members of other denominations to their own tables with open arms.

The roman catholic church is basically a religion that is the main branch of christianity. Unlike Byzantine catholics the roman catholics dont believe in idols. There are about 1,135,729,000 catholics in the world according to the most recent census.Clarification:Catholicism is not a branch of Christianity. It isChristianity, the first Christian Church as founded by Christ. All other churches calling themselves Christian either split from Catholicism or split from other Protestant denominations. Byzantine Catholics are in union with Rome and true Catholics and do not use idols but more commonly use icons rather than statues in decorating their churches.

Yes, Catholicism is the first Christian religion. All other religions that call themselves Christian have split from the Catholic Church over the years or split from other denominations of Christianity that had split from Catholicism.

roman catholic is typically more consevative and orthidox

The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and as such is regarded by Roman Catholics as Christ's representative on Earth. Some other Christian denominations have at times regarded the Pope as the Antichrist, I don't know if any still do so.

For Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox, it is in Daniel chapter 13.

A:The Catholic Church teaches belief in God and Jesus as articles of faith. This means that not to believe in them would mean that a person could no longer really be a Roman Catholic. In fact, increasing numbers of Catholics, as with members of other Christian denominations, are accepting that God is not real and that Jesus was not the son of God. They may continue to call themselves Catholics for cultural reasons, or to avoid being shunned by their Catholic friends, but they are no longer really Catholics.

There are about 38,000,000 Roman Catholics in Spain.

The name is the Catholic Church. The term 'Roman' was a somewhat derogatory addition given by Protestant denominations to distinguish themselves from the 'Roman' Church. They still considered themselves as Catholics (they weren't) but not in union with the pope.

Roman Catholics normally refer to themselves are Catholics or Roman Catholics. Sometimes they use a name associated with a religious if more clarity is desired.

Most protestant denominations would let Roman Catholics take communion. It do not think that Catholics recognize the validity of protestant ministers conducting communion. In other words, communion administered by some one other than an ordained catholic priest is not a true communion.

Roman Catholics follow the Roman Rite and subscribe to a Western spirituality (more scholastic thinking). Whereas Coptic Catholics follow the Alexandrian Rite, subscribe to an Eastern (Eastern European, not Oriental) spirituality (more mystic thinking), and are their own sui iurus Church; both the Roman Catholics and the Coptic Catholics (as well as the other 21 Eastern Catholic Churches) are in full communion with the Roman Pontiff (the Pope).

roman catholics, protestants, and jews

Most are Roman-Catholics Most are Roman-Catholics

6 Independents Anglicans Protestants Roman Catholics Orthodox Catholics Marginals - Most of the cults slip into the category Within these headings are denominations which number from 1700 to close to 40,000 depending on how you count them

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