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Sulfide ores are usully converted to oxides by heating them in air, this process is called roasting.

During this process, metal sulfide is turned into metal oxide and sulfur dioxide is given out as a by-product.

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Q: How are sulfide ores turned into oxides?
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What is oxide ores?

Those ores which contain metal in the form of oxides are called as oxide ores.

What are two general types of hydrothermal deposits?

Sulfide ores and oxide ores

What types of compounds are in most ores?

Oxides and silicates but sulphides are also present

How are metals separated from ores?

smelting is used for sulfide ores. Iron ores require a blast furnace. aluminum ores require high temperature electrolysis. etc. it varies by type of ore and metal.

Is carbon often used to reduce metal oxides to the metal?

Yes, carbon has been used since ancient times to reduce metal ores and oxides to the metal.

What can ores be turned into?

Ores are refined to produce manufacturing grade metals and chemicals for consumer use.

Are all metals found in ores?

"No, gold, silver, and platinum are some of the metals which are not ores". Yes, these metals do occur as nuggets of native element, and are dredged, or panned from stream, and river sediments, but there are many sulfides, and oxides of these, and other metals as well. These oxides, and sulfides are the Ore Minerals sought after by prospectors, and mined from in sittu Hard Rock Deposits.

What are jewels for in Maplestory?

jewels are created from ores. Some ores are turned into jewles while others are turned into plates. Every city has an NPC that forge items. Some like gloves, or weapons require jewel or plates.

Does oxygen rust iron?

Iron ores are frequently iron oxides and don't rust.

What is the compound in iron ore?

Common iron ores include Iron Oxides: Magnetite (Fe3O4) Hematite (Fe2O3) Other iron ores include Geothite FeO(OH) Limonite (FeO(OH).n(H2O))) Siderite FeCO3

What is lead ore?

There are several lead ores, the most well known being the sulfide (galena).

What other elements are found around iron?

Most iron ores are iron oxides or iron sulfides. Iron ores are also usually hydrated (i.e. includes water of crystallization). A variety of other metal ores (e.g. copper, zinc, lead) are sometimes mixed with iron ores. In much lower concentrations, almost any element (except the inert gases) might be found.