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They really aren't. The Salem Witch Trials tried regular people accused of witchcraft and convicted in Puritan society. The Rosenburg Trials tried two people who were trying to spy on the US during a time of diplomatic hostilities.

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Q: How are the Salem Witch Trials and the Rosenberg Spy Trials alike?
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How were the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy hearings alike?

They hurt innocent people. apex

How do you spell the word witch?

This is a sound-alike word which can be spelled witch and which. Which refers to "one of a selection" or refers back to a noun. The book, which was a best-seller, was banned overseas. Which candy, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, tastes the best? Witch is a noun. The witch stirred her brew. The Salem Witch trials are a big part of New England history.

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How is Arthur Miller's The Crucible play different from real life Salem witch trials?

The two are almost nothing alike. Miller wasn't writing about the trials to write about the trials. He was writing about McCarthyism and using the subject of the trials to disguise that. Miller only used the most basic realities of the trials and then made a bunch of stuff up to create his McCathyism/Salem parallel. Notable and significant differences include:- the accusations did not start because the girls felt guilty about fortunetelling. That is a popular myth Miller utilized.-John Hale was not a witch hunter. He was the reverend in Beverly, a town bordering Salem. He was involved because of that proximity.-Abigail Williams was not seventeen, she was twelve and had probably never met John Proctor.-Martha Corey, John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse died on three separate days, not together. It's a safe bet to assume that Miller had them all die on the day Martha Corey, as Giles Corey was dead before the execution of the aforementioned three and only one execution occurred after his death.I suppose that's enough for an informed essay on the subject, as I guess that was your reason for asking the question. The best advice I can give is to pick up a nonfiction piece about the trials and read it. The inconsistencies will become rather obvious then. At least the more flagrant, larger-scale ones. I recommend In the Devil's Snare by Mary Beth Norton and Witch Hunt by Marc Aronson. John Demos's The Enemy Within is also good, but tells the story of witch hunting in general, with a section on the Salem panic instead of focusing on Salem like the other two. Or Wikipedia, if you aren't the nonfiction type.

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How where the Salem which trails and the McCarthy hearings alike?

Both were fueled by fear of some evil being within a community. In Salem, they thought there witches in the town. McCarthyists believed that there were communists and soviet spys in the US congress.

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WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about persons famous or nonfamous alike, due to privacy regulations, and WikiAnswers policies.

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