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Obviously, the Milky Way is our Galaxy (or the huge band of stars with that same name) and Centaurus is only a constellation.

To be fair to the questioner, Centaurus is in an area of the sky that does contain part of the band of stars called the Milky Way.

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Which constellation is alpha centauri in?

Centaurus. "Centauri" means "of the constellation Centaurus".

Constellation between scorpius and centaurus?

Norma is a small constellation that is located between Scorpius and Centaurus. It is an inconspicuous constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.

What is the size of star Rigel Centaurus?

Rigel is in the constellation Orion, not Centaurus. Please check your spelling and, if appropriate, resubmit.

Which constellation has Proxima Centauri?

Proxima Centauri is in the constellation Centaurus.

Is the Milkyway a constellation?

The Milky Way is out nearest Galaxy. It is not a constellation.

When was the constellation centaurus discovered?

The constellation centaurus was mentioned by Exodus in fourth century BCE, and by Aratus in third century BCE. Cladius Ptolemy catalogued 37 stars in Centaurus in second century AD.

What is longitude hours in centaurus constellation?

The Right Ascension of Centaurus is roughly between 11h and 15h.

What is the distance in light years of Cenaturus constellation from earth?

A constellation is basically a general direction in space. It doesn't have a definite distance. Different stars in a constellation are at different distances. The closest star from Earth happens to be in the Centaurus constellation, at a distance of about 4.2 light-years. But please note that other stars in the same constellation are much, much farther from us.

In which constellation is alpha centauri?

Alpha Centauri is the brightest star in the Centaurus constellation, the "Centaur".

Who discovered the constellation centaurus?

No one is credited with discovering the constellation Centaurus because it can be seen with the naked eye. That said, it was first cataloged in the 2nd century by the Greek astronomer, Ptolemy.

How is the Milky Way and constellation centaurus alike?

They are not. The Milky Way is a galaxy, the constellation Centaurus is just a man made visual representation of something, and bears no relation to a physical entity.

How did the Centaurus become a constellation?

He was shot and killed by Hercules with an arrow dipped in Hydra venom. Instead of going to the realm of Hades, Zeus put him in the stars as the constellation "Centaurus" or "Sagittarius".

How are the Milky Way and the constellation Centaurus alike and different?

they are different because one is a large collection of stars orbiting a super massive black hole

What constellation does alpha centauri belong?

As the name implies, Alpha Centauri is the brightest star in the constellation Centaurus, the Centaur.

How is the milky way and constellation centaurus different?

In essentially every possible way. Constellations are specifically defined areas of sky; Centaurus is one such, as seen from the planet Earth. The Milky Way is a galaxy. The two are, at best, extremely loosely related.

What constellation has 9 letters?


What constellation is alpha promixa in?

Alpha Centauri (binary system) and Proxima Centauri are in the southern constellation of Centaurus.They actually are a triple star system.

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