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How are there colors?


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we can see colours only because the objects we see reflect part of the visible spectrum. White light is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet light. We can see objects as different colours because they absorb and reflect parts of this visible light. For example, an object that is red appears red because it reflects the red part of the spectrum and absorbs the other colours.

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Screen colors are defined by which colors ?

Cool colors are like Blue and Grey. Warm colors are like Red and Yellow. Just think "Cool colors= Winer colors" and "Warm colors= Summer colors" Hope this helps.

Tertiary colors, or colors made by mixing adjacent primary colors are:OrangeVioletGreen

The colors are the revoulution colors.

As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.

You can't have secondary colors without primary colors.

You can create colors in small amounts, by blending either primary colors, primary colors with secondary colors, or primary colors with tertiary colors. You can also blend secondary and tertiary colors with each other to create small qunatities of dolors from larger quantites of colors.

Cool colors are greens, blues, and purples. Warm colors are red, oranges, and yellows. Neutral colors are anything made by mixing opposite warm and cooll colors.

Yes, they are bright colors.

Any colors or combinations of colors that you like

Cause THey are the colors of Christmas

Colors are made when you mix other colors together. or buy colors at the paint shop

it is better to reffer to a color wheel. the colors next to each other are the complemetary colors and the colors opposite each other are opposite colors to each other.

Colors consist of primary colors and secondary colors. Primary colors are used to make secondary colors. Examples of this include red and blue making purple and red and yellow making orange. Primary colors cannot be made by mixing other colors.

very deep and bright colors

Colors on the opposite end of the color wheel.

Hogwart's house colors are red and gold.

The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.

16M is 16 million colors and 256K is 256 thousand colors

it depends... colors as in the colors in the rainbow is a noun but colors as in the girl iis coloring is a verb

They're calmer colors. They are also pale colors or very dark colors.

neon colors are the most brightest colors. mostly green,orange,yellow,and blue.

primary colors are the 3 main colors (red, blue, yellow) secondary colors are the colors made from the primary colors (green, purple,orange) tertiary colors are the colors that can be made from any of those colors (pink, orange-red, ect)

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