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Okay lets go in code. You are person Z and your relation is person Y.

Sisters A and B have children who are first cousins to each other (one of these is Person Zs mum).

These first cousins have children who are second cousins to each other. One of these second cousins is Person Z. The other cousin has a child. This child is Person Y.

Person Y and Person Z are second cousins once removed (the once removed shows that there is new blood so to speak in the family).

If person Z (you) were to have children, they would be th

ird cousins with person Y.

Does that make sense?

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Third cousins.

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You are second cousins.

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Second cousins?

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Q: How are we related if our grandmothers were sisters?
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How are you related if your great great grandmothers were sisters?

If your great great grandmothers were sisters, your common ancestors are your great great great grandparents. That makes you 4th cousins.

What do you call your grandmothers sisters?

Your grandmother's sisters are your Great Aunts.

Are your grandmothers sisters your great aunts?

Yes, along with your grandfathers' sisters, if any.

If two peoples grandmothers were sisters what does that make them?

third cousins

What relationship is my grandmothers brother in law to me?

Your brother's father-in-law is not related to you unless you and your brother married sisters from the same family. Then he would be your father-in-law, too.

What is a female reletives?

Sisters, mother, aunts, grandmothers, nieces, cousins, etc.

Can i marry grandmothers sisters daughter?

go ahead if you want to marry your aunt

Is it ok to date your great grandmothers sisters daughhters son?

no problem man! enjoy

What do you call two grandmothers related by different grandchildren if my grandson has an older half brother with a different grandmother?

There is no word in the English language for a relationship between grandmothers of related grandchildren

What family relationship is your great great grandmothers sisters great great grandson?

Then it's your 6th cousin.

What are sisters?

sisters are people who are related

Brothers and sisters you have none but your daughters uncle is her grandmothers son?

If you have no siblings but your daughter has an uncle, he is the brother of your spouse, your brother-in-law.