How are you related if your great great grandmothers were sisters?

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If your great great grandmothers were sisters, your common ancestors are your great great great grandparents. That makes you 4th cousins.
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Great great grandmother had a brother who married and had children are those children related to the great great grandma who had a daughter who then had a daughter who then had a son?

Yes, the brother's children would be nieces and nephews of the great-great-grandmother; aka his sister.. Great-great grandmother's daughter would be a 1st cousin to the brother's children. She would be the niece of the brother.. The great-great grandmother's daughter's daughter would be a 1st cous ( Full Answer )

Who is the great-great grandmother of king David?


How am i related to my great grandmothers sister's daughters son?

You are both second cousins once removed. The common ancestors of you and of the your great grandmother's sister's daughter's son are one of your sixteen pairs of great great grandparents, who are also one of the eight pairs of his great grandparents. Children of your parents' siblings ar your first ( Full Answer )

How rare is a great-great-great grandmother?

A great-great-great grandmother would be extremely rare. Let us imagine that in a given family, everyone has children at the age of 20. Most people do not have children that soon, but some do (or even sooner) so this is possible if somewhat unlikely. To become a great-great-great grandmother, a wom ( Full Answer )

What is 'Great Great Grandmother' in Italian?

Trisavola is an Italian equivalent of 'Great Great Grandmother'. It's a feminine gender noun whose masculine equivalent, for 'Great Great Grandfather', is Trisavolo . Both words are pronounced 'tree-sah-VOH-lah' and 'tree-sah-VOH-loh', respectively.

What are you to your great grandfather's sister's great grandmother?

This is a nonsense question - because your great grandfather and his sister share the same grandmother, so there is no need to introduce the sister into the question You------------great great great grandchild father--------------- great great grandchild grandfather ---------------great grand ( Full Answer )

How are you related to your great great grandmothers sisters daughter?

Your great great grandmother's sister is your great great aunt. Your and her daughter's common ancestors are your great great great grandparents. The daughter and your great grandmother are first cousins. You and the daughter are first cousins, three times removed.

Who was Obama's great great great grandmother?

Like most people, Barack Obama had 16 great great great grandmothers. One of them was Britt Sloan, born in 1801 and died at the age of 69 in 1869. She was born to an Irishman, Gene Sloan and a British woman, Lavonda Sue Fogelman. They had moved to the United States in 1797. They later moved to th ( Full Answer )

How are you related to your grandmothers great nephew?

Yes, you grandmother's great nephew is the grandchild of her sister or brother and thus your second cousin. The mother/father of the great nephew would be first cousin to one of your parents.

How do you punctuate great great great grandmother?

RESPONSE:The correct form is great-great grandmother. If onefollows Peter Zavon's lead, there will be no need for anypunctuation anywhere! K.S. Finley Some people would write "great great great grandmother" and somewould write great-great-great-grandmother." Some would avoid thequestion all togethe ( Full Answer )

What relation is your great grandmother's niece's sister to you?

To keep it simple, let's call your great grandmother's niece "The niece" The sequence of the relationship: (1) The niece is the daughter of your great grandmother's sibling (2) The niece's sister is also the daughter of your great grandmother's sibling, and therefore also her niece. (2) T ( Full Answer )

How are you related to your grandmothers sisters grandchildren?

Your grandmother's sister is your great aunt, her grand children are your second cousins twice removed. Genetically speaking this is barely a relationship - but if you were raised together as cousins the familiar bond can be tight.

What comes after great great great grandmother?

You add another "great" for each generation back in history. So the mother of your great great great grandmother is your great great great great grandmother.

How is your grandaughter related to your sisters great grandchild?

Your child and your sister's child share a common grandparent and are first cousins. Your grandchild and your sister's grandchild share a common great grandparent and are second cousins. There is a generation out of synch, so they would be second cousins once removed.