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Your niece's child is your great niece (some would say your grand niece). You are her great aunt (if you are a woman) or her great uncle (if you are a man).

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How is your nieces child related to you?

Your niece's child is your grandniece or grandnephew; you are their great aunt or great uncle.

Are grand nieces and grand nephews blood related?

They can be, but they are not necessarily so. I can have grand nephews and nieces who are the grandchildren of my brother (my sibling), and I can have grand nephews and nieces who are the grandchildren of my wife's sister. These two sets of nephews and nieces are not blood related. When you visit your aunt and uncle (married to each other) you are related to only one of them by blood. They are still your aunt and uncle.

What is your nieces child to your daughter?

Your daughter and your niece's child are 1st cousins once removed.

How do you use nieces' in a sentence?

The word nieces' is the plural possessive form of the word niece (a female child of your brother or sister). Example sentence: Both of my nieces' birthdays are in May.

Are nieces of sisters related?

Some nieces of sisters are related to each other and some are not. Your niece is the daughter of your brother or sister (your siblings). If you have more than two siblings and at least two of them have daughters, those daughters are your nieces and they are first cousins to each other. You can also have a niece who is the daughter of a sibling of your spouse. If two sisters have nieces who are daughters of their spouse's siblings, those nieces are not related to each other (unless the spouses are related to each other, as when two brothers marry two sisters)

If your great uncle married into the family then how are you related to his nieces and nephews?

If your great uncle married into your family some of his nieces and nephews are your aunts or uncles (or your parent) and some are not related to you at all.

What do you call your great grandma's sister's husband's great niece?

When a couple is married and the wife has nieces who are daughters of her brothers or sisters, those nieces are also the nieces of her husband. So your great grandmother's sister's husband could have great nieces who are related to you and also great nieces who are not related to you.Note that your great grandmother's sister is your great great aunt.The great nieces who are related to you are the grandchildren of the siblings of your great great aunt.Those could be your:parentauntfirst cousins, once removedsecond cousins, once removed

What do you call your wifes brothers children?

Children of your siblings are nieces and nephews. Children of your spouse's siblings are still called nieces and nephews, but you are not related to them by blood.

How are you related to you great uncle's wife's great nephew on her side of the family?

If your great uncle is the brother of one of your grandparents, his wife is your great aunt but their nephews and nieces onher side are not related to you. Those nieces and nephews (and their children the great nieces and great nephews) have no ancestor who is also one of yourancestors.

How many siblings did sam westing have?

He has one child but sixteen nieces and nephews.

How are your grand nieces kids related to you?

Your Great-Aunt/uncle, would be your parent's aunt/uncle. So, your grand nieces would be your nieces kids, and plus their kids would make you their Great-Great-Aunt/Uncle.

What relation are your brothers nieces to you?

Your brother's nieces could be your daughters. They could also be your nieces, if they are daughters of your sister or another brother. Finally, they might not be related to you at all. That would be the case if they are the daughters of a brother or sister of your brother's wife.

What has the author Edith Van Dyne written?

Edith Van Dyne has written: 'Aunt Jane's Nieces in Society' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad' 'Mary Louise in the Country' 'Aunt Jane\\\'s Nieces in Society' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces on the Ranch' -- subject(s): lace, oranges, lemons, ranches, racial tension, Southern California, child care, smuggling 'Aunt Jane\\\'s Nieces Abroad' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation' 'Aunt Jane's nieces in society' 'Mary Louise and Josie O'Gorman' 'Aunt Jane\\\'s Nieces Out West' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces' 'Mary Louise' 'Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West'

What is your nieces child to your son?

Your niece and your son are second cousins. Your niece's child and your son are second cousins once removed.

What are your husband's nieces to you?

You and your husband, together, are aunt and uncle to his nieces - and to your nieces.

Are nieces' cousins related to auntie's children?

Maybe. They are only related if they share a common ancestor. There are lots of possibilities and some of them will be related and some will not.

Is your nieces child your cousin?

No they are your great nephew or great niece and you are there great aunt or great uncle

Derek landy many child has he got?

None of his own, but he has four nieces (at the moment) though.

What is the possessive word form for nieces?

The correct plural possessive of nieces is nieces'.

What is a sentence for nieces?

My twin nieces have their birthday soon.One of my nieces has fallen asleep in front of the television.

Are my deceased wife's nieces my nieces?

You would refer to them as your nieces, thought they are formally your wife's nieces. And they would normally call you uncle.

Are your sister's children's children related to you?

Certainly! Your sister's grandchildren are your great nieces and great nephews.

What is 'nieces' when translated from English to Italian?

"Nieces" in English is nipoti in Italian.

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