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I would say that it is pretty bad. I would consider that guy as an untrustworthy person. If he is your friend talk to him about it.

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Q: How bad is it for a guy you trusted to tell other people about a private conversation the two of you had?
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a heart to heart conversation is where people talk to each other very honestly and openly :) it basicly just means that you are going to tell each other the truth wether it helps or not and that it will private and normally confidental.. its difficult to explain but i hope it helped :) x

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Federal law states that one party of the conversation must know that the conversation is being taped. In other words, I can tape a conversation between me and someone else, but I can't tape a conversation that doesn't involve me. The recording of a non-electronic conversation under West Virginia law is only legal if the party being recorded had no expectation of the conversation being private. In other words, recording such conversation would have to be done in a public place.

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