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I would say that it is pretty bad. I would consider that guy as an untrustworthy person. If he is your friend talk to him about it.

2006-09-09 00:04:15
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What is a heart to heart conversation?

a heart to heart conversation is where people talk to each other very honestly and openly :) it basicly just means that you are going to tell each other the truth wether it helps or not and that it will private and normally confidental.. its difficult to explain but i hope it helped :) x

What is the definition of conversation?

People talking to each other.

what is a conversation poem?

a conversation poem is when 2 people speak to each other in rhyme/non-rhyming.

Is it illegal to tape a person's conversation in West Virginia if you have a concealed recording device on you?

Federal law states that one party of the conversation must know that the conversation is being taped. In other words, I can tape a conversation between me and someone else, but I can't tape a conversation that doesn't involve me. The recording of a non-electronic conversation under West Virginia law is only legal if the party being recorded had no expectation of the conversation being private. In other words, recording such conversation would have to be done in a public place.

How do you make the people who you follow on Instagram private?

you cannot make other people private only yourself

Why instead of talking about biting in the classroom you talked about it in the hall?

maybe i wanted it to be a private conversation so i wont upset the other kids

What are the differences between grammar and conversation?

grammar is the mechanics of the language and conversation is just two or more people talking to each other

How are eavesdrop and to listen different from each other?

To eavesdrop it to surreptitiously overhear a private conversation. To listen is to hear and pay attention openly and with the speakers knowledge.

Why do we need names?

You need a name so that other people can distinguish you from others in conversation.

How did people communicate in the 1930s?

By telephone.... It was kind of weird though because other people could listen to your conversation.

What is telephone conversation?

A telephone conversation is when two people talk to each other using phones from a distance. The conversations can revolve around nearly any subject.

Can other people read private messages on YoVille?

No they cannot.

What is private speaking?

It is when it is a private talk between 2 people or maybe more. In private speaking the person who is speaking doesnt want anyone to know what he/she is saying the the other person/people.

What does it mean when a guy texts you one day then continues the conversation the other day?

It could mean several thing but I do not advise you jump to assumptions. It is normal for people to continue a conversation randomly; they may also have other errands or things to do that draws their attention away from your conversation.

What is a trusted website?

A trusted website is a website that has been linked to by another website that is trusted by another website, and so forth... A trusted website is one that has been linked to by many other "Trusted Sites"

What are good conversation topics for people gettin to know each other?

Global warming. Terrorism.

How do I get friends?

You can get friends by being friendly with others. Establishing contacts with other people and keeping a conversation.

How many two way conversations can occur with 84 people?

84*83/2 = 3486 Each of 84 people can hold a conversation with any one of the other 83 people. So 84*83. But a conversation between A and B is the same as a conversation between B and A so divide the number by 2.

Meaning of telephone conversation?

A telephone conversation is a talk between at least 2 different people over the telephone. Telephone conversations can happen while the people are very close to each other or across the world.

What did the pharaoh do all day?

he had a daily schedule and it went something like this: First he would go to the temple so people could please me or so he could pray to many gods wishing for rain and many other things.Next he would listen to the daily news from his trusted vizier. Then he would check the architectures, which were built by trusted servants. Finally the pharaoh would have some leisure time by being entertained by other servants or would have a conversation with his wife.

Can mccain be trusted?

Yes McCain can be trusted. All the man does is attempt to help other taking the lowest commissions of all other senators.

How do you do private chats in Twitter?

You can do private chatting by sending each other messages,but you can only send messages to those people who follow you.

Should you ask a girl out in private or with other people in a crowd around her?


How many people have private health insurance?

It is estimated that 1.8 billion people have private health insurance in the United States. Other people have health insurance through work, or they don't have insurance at all.

Was Elvis good with other people?

Depending on who you talk to, and depending on how well they knew him, the stories about Elvis and how he got on with other people change. Some say that he was shy, introvert and found it difficult to make conversation. Others found him to be a great talker, able to hold his own during a conversation, and quite out going.