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How big does your red-eared slider have to be to have babies?

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Turtles can reproduce when they're sexually mature, usually around 5 years old.

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Q: How big does your red-eared slider have to be to have babies?
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How big does your red eared slider have to be to have babies?

twelve centimeters from tip of tail to nose

What is the Life Cycle of a Red Eye Slider Turtle?

There is no such thing as a red eye slider, maybe you were trying to say redeared slider. (the red is not on it's eye, it is on it's ears) Common mistake. Check this website out. It tells you alot of things about the red eared slider.

How long does it take to identify the gender of a redeared slider turtle?

if your turtle is a male you will see a bump on either side of its tail. if its a female its more likely to be aggressive and will only have a slight bump on either side of it's tail.

When do red eared slider have babies?

When they are grown up and when they are over 4inches.

How big do red ear slider turtles get?

as big as a dinner plate / big

How many babies can a female red eared slider have at a time?

three to six

When a red eared slider has babies how many does she have?

Generally 2-20 per clutch.

How big are king quail babies?

king quail babies are about as big as big as your thumbnail.

Big City Slider Station?

It's by billy mays.

How big does a red ear slider get?

8-12 inches

How big do the red eared slider turtle get?

They can get up to 10 inches, and for female turtles, sometimes 12 inches. It's amazing to know that those tiny quarter sized babies grow into giants!!

How many babies can a red ear slider have?

Average clutch size can be anywhere from two to thirty eggs.

How big can a Red-Eared slider get?

About the size of a dinner plate.

How can you tell if your red eared slider is a baby?

Depends on how big it is!red eared sliders can get very big.

How do you tell if your red eared slider turtle is a boy or girl?

a girl red eared slider has small claws. a boy has big sharp claws.

How many babies can red eared slider turtles have?

It depends, my turtles had about 6-7 eggs about 3 a day.

What kind of pitch is a slider?

A slider is a pitch in baseball that breaks laterally and down. It is not thrown at the velocity that a fastball is thrown at, but its velocity is faster than a curve ball. The break on a slider is not as big as a curve ball. The slider is similar to a cut fastball, but will break more than a cut fastball.

How big can a red ear slider turtle get?

10 to 12 inches long

How big is a red-eared slider turtle?

10 to 12 inches....

What do red eared slider turtles babies look like?

They are red. And are baby turtles . Sooo there baby red turtles

Do big animals have big babies?

okly dokly

How big are snail babies when there born?

not so big

How big does a red eared slider get?

Females - 25 cm Males - 15 cm

Are there many eggs inside 1 big red slider egg?

Yes there are millions of them

Can a red eared slider live in a 30 gallon tank?

Depends how big the turtle is.