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A persons stomach is normally about the size of their fist.

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Q: How big is a persons stomach?
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How big is a fish stomach?

a fishes stomach is as big as its eye

Is a persons stomach just below the waist?

That would be your bladder.. You stomach is above your waist.

How big is a whales stomach?

big big

Do leotards make your stomach look big?

only if you have a big stomach. =========================== It's not the leotards.

How big is a cardinal's stomach?

as big as a peanut

How big can a persons stomach belly expand?

The stomach can expand upto three times the size that it is when empty. The abdomen (i.e the belly/waist/tummy - collectively, everything below the line of the ribcage) can expand far more than the stomach can, due to weight gain etc...

How big is your stomach?


Does your stomach have to go big?

no it does not

Is Miley Cyrus stomach big?

It depends on the person who thinks her stomach to be big or small. if you are asking if she is pregnant, nopes

Why does a zebra have a big stomach?

It is a ruminanant

How big is the average stomach?

As big as the closed fist of an adult.

How big is a goldfish stomach?

contrary to popular belief, most goldfish do not have a stomach!

How big can the stomach grow?

it can grow by alot

All about kangaroo stomach?

it is warm and big

How big is a toddler's stomach?

size of his/her fist

Do Gatorade make you have a big stomach?

i do not know

What is the capicity of the stomach?

five big donkeys

What is the average size of the stomach in a newborn?

A newborn's stomach is only as big as his/her own fist

Why do some people have big stomach?

Some people have big stomachs because they eat too much and it causes the stomach to stretch out and extend.

How big is a squad in the army?

Ideally, nine persons.

What happens if you ingest a lice egg?

Nothing bad will happen to a person if they ingest a lice egg. The stomach acid in a persons stomach will kill the egg.

What are the best exercises for a big stomach?

For a big stomach running is always one of the best options, a mile a week is 4 a slow process but a good start. Another good but very challenging work out 4 a big stomach is p90x!

What would happen if you had no stomach?

Food will miss a very important part of digestion. Persons with part stomach needs additional pepsin or Hcl substitutes. With full rejection of stomach, its so difficult

What would happen to the mechanical and chemical digestion in a persons missing a large portion of his or her stomach?


How big is a cats stomach?

The stomach of the average cat is about the size of a golf ball, when full. The stomach will shrink to the size of a grape, when empty.