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A persons stomach is normally about the size of their fist.

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a fishes stomach is as big as its eye

That would be your bladder.. You stomach is above your waist.

only if you have a big stomach. =========================== It's not the leotards.

The stomach can expand upto three times the size that it is when empty. The abdomen (i.e the belly/waist/tummy - collectively, everything below the line of the ribcage) can expand far more than the stomach can, due to weight gain etc...

It depends on the person who thinks her stomach to be big or small. if you are asking if she is pregnant, nopes

As big as the closed fist of an adult.

contrary to popular belief, most goldfish do not have a stomach!

For a big stomach running is always one of the best options, a mile a week is 4 a slow process but a good start. Another good but very challenging work out 4 a big stomach is p90x!

A newborn's stomach is only as big as his/her own fist

Food will miss a very important part of digestion. Persons with part stomach needs additional pepsin or Hcl substitutes. With full rejection of stomach, its so difficult

Nothing bad will happen to a person if they ingest a lice egg. The stomach acid in a persons stomach will kill the egg.

Dear person with a question,It depends on how big you are. If you are bigger than most people you have a bigger stomach, as then if you were small you would have a smaller stomach than most people. :)-MW (Monkey Woman)

The stomach of the average cat is about the size of a golf ball, when full. The stomach will shrink to the size of a grape, when empty.

Ideally, nine persons.

The size of the frog's stomach depends on how big the frog is. Bigger frogs tend to have bigger stomachs.

It gets big so the baby inside can get bigger and stronger.

A newborn's stomach is about the size of a shooter marble.

Depends on who you are and how big your stomach is.

Because they are big in size...

well its as big as its belly because when you look at whales belly it is really big

Cello size depends on the persons height.

Jame Nkrumah and the big six

They can fit into a persons hand

it is a pinkish greyishfun fact: your stomach is as big as your knuckles on both sides put together

at 3 weeks it is too early experience any changes in the size of your stomach

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