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How big is the gas tank in a 95 Pontiac grand am?


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My 99 Pontiac Grand AM SE has a tank capacity of about 11 gallons, give or take a few cups!


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When filling an empty gas tank needs to be filled, it is important to know the tank size. The size of 2009 Pontiac grand prix gas tank is 17.5 gallons.

According to GM and, the 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix has a 17 gallon gas tank.

In a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am : According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : ( 13.6 U.S. gallons )

The gas tank in my extended 2000 Pontiac Montana is 25 gallons. I would imagine the 02 is the same.

It the gas tank!? You can access it from the trunk

The pump is in the fuel tank. It is on top of the tank. You must remove the gas tank to get to it.

the fuel filter on a 2001 grand Am is behind the gas tank.

It's sitting on top of the gas tank. The tank needs to be dropped to get to it.

The 2000 Grand Prix GT has an 18 gallon gas tank. Also, check our owner's manual for mpg too.

the gas tank to see if there is any gas in it the gas tank to see if there is any gas in it

2002 Pontiac Grand Am has a lot of standard features and a five speed manual transmission available. It has a 105 amp alternator and fuel tank of 14.3 gal.

The gas tank on the 99 -2005 Pontiac Grand Am SE is 14.4 -15 US gallons depending on if it is a steel tank or a polymer (plastic) tank. Polymer is 14.4 US gallons, and steel gas tank is 15 US gallons.

It might be in the gas tank. You'll have to remove the gas tank and switch it like that, then put it back on. in the fuel tank

The 2002 Pontiac Grand Am has a fuel tank (gasoline) with a capacity of 14.3 US/Imperial gallons. The 2002 Grand Am with the base 2.2L engine has an EPA estimated highway of 30 miles per gallon and 22 city.

Total capacity is 20 gallons.

near the gas tank on the passangerside under the car.

The fuel pump is located inside the gas tank.

18 Gal. I have this car myself. I own a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix and it has a 17 gallon tank. Read the cars owners manual, lists everything about the car in there.

on the gas tank on the gas tank

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