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How big is the software industry?


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It is the largest manufacturing industry at $400B in 2009


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The IT (Information Technology) Industry is the umbrella industry under which software falls. Software would be considered part of the IT industry, along with other fields such as Hardware and Database, for example. IT industry related software development

"microsoft software dominates the it industry "

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Yes, there are multimedia jobs in the IT industry and the are software development jobs in the IT industry.

Philippine Software Industry Association was created in 1988.

Examples of industry specific software are:- retail software (also called Point of Sale or POS software) for retail outlets- banking software for the automation of banks- healthcare software for the automation of clinics and hospitals- etc

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Custom software performs functions specific to a business or industry.

Microsoft is in the computer and software industry.

The software industry is responsible for the development of software utilizing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). See ( more information on that. The primary jobs are business analysts, developers, database analysts, and quality assurance engineers. Those roles play a vital role in the development and release of software. The IT industry is broader, unlike the software industry which focuses on the programming and creation of software. The IT industry covers a wide range of tasks however the primary objective is to utilize computers in the act of managing and manipulating data.

Software encryption industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. Encryption software provide reliable solutions to your vulnerable data.

The software industry is faced with the problem of an over-saturation of the market with different software products. This makes it difficult for software companies to compete, or for start-up companies to survive.

Infinitevision software house was closed in 2007. they are not doing any business in software industry any more. thanks

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Big Red Software ended in 1995.

Big Red Software was created in 1988.

Database and logistics software is commonly used in the transportation industry. Exact details of what products are being transported and at what times allows the industry to run smoothly.

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Stellar Technology Solutions, LLC provides the most industry leading software to most common big or small businesses and all so offers information management.

computer science = in computer science we work on software development and solve the software problem. INFORMATON TECHNOLOGY = while in information technology we use software for the benift of industry and introduce software related to industry

I believe the United States of America is the most developed in the software industry, just based on the fact that almost every software company I know of is based in the USA.

It is actually a kind of industry opposed to heavy industry. So this kind of engineering industry could be sinonimous with electronics and software industry.

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